@jeroenpraat Yes, especially for people like me that are unable to read long texts and such for some reason or another. :-)

@b9AcE If this could all be transferred to a dedicated #Peertube instance, I would be more than grateful.

@jeroenpraat The one time I tried to use PeerTube, I was informed that both of my browsers must be "upgraded" even though they were latest version.
I'm guessing due to WebRTC being turned off to prevent leakage.
Sooo... not gonna be me that does it. :-/
I think it's a very good idea though!

@jeroenpraat Oh, P.S... It seems this youtube-dl.org is capable of extracting videos if one wants to do it manually.

For complete archival extraction, I think "Offline Explorer" may be used, as it also rewrites the entire site's content to be self-contained within the offline archive.
Haven't used OE for about a decade though.

@jeroenpraat @b9AcE Do you have any clue how much video data it is in total and what license it is?

(on mobile right now so I can't check)

@nutomic @jeroenpraat I can't see any apparent licensing statement apart from the "Copyright Β© 2018 Christie Books", which I think is just an expression of "I/we created this web page" expressed in an unfortunate but common way.
Purely from considering some titles and directors, I would guess the licensing-policy is just: Ignored. I could of course be wrong.
I suppose the PayPal-address christie@btclick.com may be usable for contacting them, or possibly the christie@bitconnect.com in some banner-pictures works..?

From just lazily checking some sizes, I'd guesstimate the total to be in the range of gigabytes but not over a terabyte.

@nutomic @jeroenpraat Sorry, meant to also mention: The landing page is just listing the titles of the videos hosted (on their own server) so you should be able to load that on a mobile connection too without a huge data-transfer.

@b9AcE @nutomic Yes it are older video's, so I suspect them not be large in size. Let's guess between 100 and 250 MB each. There are more than 1100 video's. 1100*175=192.500 MB (almost 200 GB)

@jeroenpraat @nutomic Yes. One of my tests was 450MB, but presumably some may also be much smaller, so that may not alter the median.

@jeroenpraat @nutomic I don't know if it is possible, but just inc case:
I have a slot on a seedbox where I seed Devuan, antiX, etc. It has 20 Gb/s connection. If it would help and it would be possible to create some tool that completely automated downloads a video from that site, uploads it to PeerTube and then deletes the video when done, I would gladly let it run on that seedbox for a thing like this.
Just thought I'd mention it...

@b9AcE @nutomic Yes, but shouldn't we have some respect for Christie? πŸ˜‰

@jeroenpraat @nutomic Of course! I still think someone (e.g. "not me" ;-D) should try to contact them via those e-mail addresses earlier mentioned or similar before doing this further archival. I get the feeling they would not be opposed to it...

@b9AcE @nutomic Maybe time that a few people set up an anarchist peertube, spread the costs and add a donation option.

@b9AcE @jeroenpraat Peertube can import videos directly from other websites. Unfortunately that is a per-instance setting, which I don't want to enable on a public instance. But maybe some other instance offers it, or it could be used from a private instance. There are also command line tools to import via a server, so upload bandwidth shouldn't be the problem.

@nutomic Maybe starting a new instance with a lot of disk space together would be a good idea. I'm going to think about that.


@nutomic @jeroenpraat My lifegoals include being convicted of "contempt of court", which I was, and "treason", but sadly that apparently requires "being at war" here so I don't really want that in reality. ;-/
More than those that are on principle, I'd have to be less actively striving for it... ;-D

@b9AcE @jeroenpraat @b9AcE @jeroenpraat Not sure how that's relevant here, but congrats I guess on the contempt of court :D

@nutomic @jeroenpraat Not really relevant here, but I am proud of it, because I have contempt of court. ;-)

@b9AcE @nutomic Yes it's impossible to guess, but let's somewhere between 150 and 400 GB

@jeroenpraat @b9AcE Okay that's a serious amount. Transcoding time will be problematic for that. I'm happy to host this on peertube.social (as long as the uploader is reasonable sure not to get sued for it). But the instance is on a slow VPS, so it would not be feasible to upload all of it. Maybe some of the best videos from there?

@nutomic @jeroenpraat Humm... Well, my seedbox slot allows for transcoding video on it, if that helps... and it explicitly allows for "public trackers", so that could be the the "sued", etc.

I still due to my lack of eyesight would need it to be well automated if it's on my slot. :-/

@b9AcE @jeroenpraat You probably can't install Peertube directly, and Peertube doesn't support any external transcoding.

But like I said, I would be happy to host this on my instance, and there are already a few French anarchist orgs who post their videos on it. Problem is that it is hosted on a slow (2 CPU) VPs, so transcoding 200 GB at once would take weeks.

@nutomic @jeroenpraat Ah. Well, I am on minimum income, on a very long sickleave, so I can't pay for more than the basic seedbox slot that I have on Feralhosting.
If you can think of anything similar useful that it can be sued for though, keep it in mind...

My favorite anarchism library is the "β’Άnarchy β’Άrchives" dwardmac.pitzer.edu/Anarchist_

There may be others with more content or such, but… I like this one.

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