I saw this and the first thing that came to my mind was Mother Jones magazine active platforming for Nazis with their puff-piece for Richard "Punched Nazi" Spencer, etc.

The real Mother Jones, co-founder of anarcho-syndicalist labor union IWW and called "most dangerous woman in America" for organizing miners' strike, would be furious at being involuntarily associated with that shit rag.

@b9AcE woah the gif is fast on here πŸ˜‚ i wonder if any of my others will be fucked up.

@lumpylouise Yes, that did look weird.
It is only 10 frames in an MPEG-4, where the entire action is in the last frame, then it loops because the player tells it to and the looping may be what happens too quickly.
I think... something went wrong in the conversion from GIF to MPEG-4.

@b9AcE I made it for twitter that tends to slow them down so i don't put a delay in each frame. I probably have the file still and can make a mastodon version :)

@lumpylouise The softwares I threw it in now told me that the file asked to be played at 100 frames per second, which of course is a very unusually high framerate for a video-stream.
That could be the root cause.

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