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Our guidelines are basically:

  • don't be a dick,
  • no advertising, harassment, spam,
  • no abuse on the API by local users (bots, ...),
  • Any thing illegal under the French law will be removed and reported to the competent authorities.

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This instance is managed by a collective of users. The counsil/admins is made of @href, @Famine, @jd, @wxl, @marxistvegan, @hecate; (inactives/alumnis: @stephanmaus, @b9AcE).

Announcements and related informations of the instance/the collective are posted on the @admin account. Technical updates and notices are posted to @tech. We have cool stickers at @stickers. To contact us, contact the @admin account; or privately at `admin (at) soc.ialis.me`.

The instance itself is hosted on servers at Online.net and Scaleway.com, in Paris, France (managed by href/random.sh). The database and files are frequently replicated on a couple of servers, and externally backuped. You can support the hosting fees on liberapay.com/href.

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