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I'll be hanging out with kittens tomorrow if anyone in #LosAngeles is near my side of town and wants to join. #cats

"This year's Open House is going to be extra special because it's doubling as the grand opening of our brand new Kitten Adoption Center, and the official unveiling of our improved FeLV room!"

Infoshop: **Kropotkin’s “Modern Science and Anarchy” published**

"via Anarchist Writers by Anarcho I am happy to announce that the final book published in Kropotkin’s lifetime – Modern Science and Anarchy – is now available in English translation, namely 1913’s La Science Moderne et L’Anarchie. I would like to thank the comrades of AK Pr…"

#anarchism #bot

our solidarity must extend to

every person behind bars
every displaced person
every victim of imperialism
every family affected by the matrix of these three things
every person in ICE detention
every person facing deportation
every person growing up with gang and police violence all around them
every poor person

and every person who resides at the axes between these various oppressions


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** Update your Twitter settings if you're still using it **

They enabled these anti-privacy settings by default, and they're being shameless about it "Hey you're in control! We're screwing you! See if you are quick enough to disable sharing the data we already sent to marketers?"

A Twitter sale to an even worse corporation is surely around the corner.

#Twitter #birb #privacy

Zora Neal Hurston Wrote a Book About Cudjo Lewis, the Last Survivor of the Atlantic Slave Trade, and It’s Finally Getting Published 87 Years Later

These are all different days. You might reasonably assume that she never actually moved.

#mastocats #catstodon #catsofmastodon #caturday

cc: @catstar @cats

Did I mention that I love corvidae?

Image description: a black-purple raven on a tree branch, with a pale blue background.
Drawn with colored pencils on rough watercolour paper.

(Still trying to figure our the best way to add image descriptions)


More proof of love at the booth at this pic features tsimonq2 helping a stranger put on their MacBook Pro! Meanwhile bashfulrobot helps a visitor.

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