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Switch to jemalloc to decrease memory consumption in sidekiq/puma.

See for a detailed explanation.

This change decreased sidekiq RSS memory size to less than a fourth of what it was before for my instance.

#MastoAdmins #instanceadmintips

I managed to track down the guy behind Gewaltakustik, my favorite noise artist.

The project has been dead for over a decade and his site died years ago…

It is my special pleasure to bring his music back into the cultural commons with his permission. <3

#music #freemusic

Today's is nostrum. Of particular interest: the tension between the first two definitions. So these are both totally valid, but different:

Neoliberal: the state is a nostrum.
Anarchist: the state is a nostrum.

Of course only one of them is right.

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#MASTODON POST PRIVACY - who can see your post?

Anyone can see and boost your post everywhere.

✅ Tagged people
✅ Followers
✅ People who look for it
❌ Local and federated timelines
✅ Boostable

✅ Tagged people
✅ Followers
❌ People who look for it
❌ Local and federated timelines
❌ Boostable

✅ Tagged people
❌ Followers
❌ People who look for it
❌ Local and federated timelines
❌ Boostable #tutorial #howto

Three conspiracy theorists walk into a bar.

You can't tell me that's just coincidence.

and another thing: why do URLs sometimes not exist for statuses, or at least reblogs? see status-id=99083579208323329

i thought status ids were now directly related to the URL for the status. but check out where the status id is 99083569554690966. on the other hand if you look at it matches. both instances are 2.0.0.

i got SO WET on the ride for work today.

no, i mean, it was raining! i got my bike out and it was not raining. then i hopped on and it was sprinkling. then it came down not hard but reaaaaaaly steady. my hoodie weighs a ton.

that's life in the fools!

Bitcoin is not what socialism needs.

'...But there is a more fundamental problem with their proposal. Marx’ labour vouchers don’t themselves require labour to produce. Or at least not as much as the labour they are meant to represent. They are simply tokens given out to confirm that a worker has contributed a certain amount of labour time. The vouchers don’t actually have to take the same amount of labour time to produce. In fact if they did, this would be a significant waste of labour which would not go towards producing objects that have direct use value. Labour vouchers are better compared to a theatre ticket. A theatre ticket represents the right to be able to see a performance. For this to be the case it is not necessary that the ticket itself takes any significant amount of effort or resources to produce at all...'

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