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i got SO WET on the ride for work today.

no, i mean, it was raining! i got my bike out and it was not raining. then i hopped on and it was sprinkling. then it came down not hard but reaaaaaaly steady. my hoodie weighs a ton.

that's life in the fools!

Bitcoin is not what socialism needs.

'...But there is a more fundamental problem with their proposal. Marx’ labour vouchers don’t themselves require labour to produce. Or at least not as much as the labour they are meant to represent. They are simply tokens given out to confirm that a worker has contributed a certain amount of labour time. The vouchers don’t actually have to take the same amount of labour time to produce. In fact if they did, this would be a significant waste of labour which would not go towards producing objects that have direct use value. Labour vouchers are better compared to a theatre ticket. A theatre ticket represents the right to be able to see a performance. For this to be the case it is not necessary that the ticket itself takes any significant amount of effort or resources to produce at all...'

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the beautiful thing about electrical engineering is that in spite of physics doing weird shit and components generally not being entirely reliable, most circuits end up being far more reliable than you'd expect

the beautiful thing about computer programming is that in spite of the availability of tools to improve reliability and find error cases, and entire systems built on top of even the most poorly conforming devices (almost always due to firmware and drivers, mind you) to try and lay the tracks for you so you don't have to worry about those problems, it's an everyday occurrence for software to go off the rails for most people

Socialism and the Blockchain

– ' assets that are native to blockchain could be deployed for use within a Socialist society; however, it is deemed appropriate; they needn’t be used for money. For instance, they might be employed as Marxist labour certificates. Fairfield writes that blockchain technology comes with tamper resistant algorithms for creating public, cryptographically secure ledgers of property interests [85], but the immutable audibility mechanisms of blockchain technology could extend beyond property ledgers and into auditing the production of goods. This would allow Anarchist societies to organise because the blockchain could be used as a means whereby Anarchists could audit the distribution of products or services to those who need them...'

Lucy Parsons bio reveals new facts about the birth, ethnicity of the 'Goddess of Anarchy'
'...Leftists who have celebrated Parsons as the quintessential multiethnic class warrior — of African-American, Latina and Native American descent — may be disappointed to learn that Jones’ book debunks the claim that she had any Mexican or Native American blood.

Parsons always denied that she was black — or “mulatto,” as some put it — and promoted the myth that she was a “Spanish-Indian maiden” to explain her exotic looks while denying her African-American roots ....

Even among feminists, Lucy wasn’t widely embraced because her interests were wider — and more radical — than the mainstream push for women’s rights. While suffragists were demanding the right to vote, Parsons was dismissing elections as a capitalist fraud...'

Ex-Facebook Engineer Creates Wikipedia Dark Web Version

'Now, we have an unofficial dark web version that can help netizens use Wikipedia without someone spying on them–thanks to the ex-Facebook engineer Alec Muffet who has worked on a personal project and is the first to create the specially crafted onion website...'

Kitty.Town has kept a public blocklist since we opened to make sure new users signing up knew exactly what they were signing up for and who we federate with.

While we have less than 200 active users, who we choose to federate with has become an object of obsession.

To this end we will no longer keep a public blocklist. We do not wish to cause any more pain or anxiety for those whose days have been dedicated to seeing their name on it.

May you find peace and validation in your life. :katya:

@wxl and i guess 'curiosity' is okay (to a degree), but -- and maybe my evidence is circumstantial -- ive never heard the question used or phrased in such a way as to garner any intellectual 'milk and honey' (so to speak)

it's always just been a hamfisted way of asking "when can i drop an n-bomb and NOT be punched?"

I think i figured out why i hate when white people ask "Is it okay to say the N Word in $context?" or "When is it okay for me to say the N Word?"

It's tantamount to asking "where is the edge with you?", which is the fucking *antithesis* of keeping it respectful with black people.

Kadath by Vaults of Zin
and is what you'll find here. sounds crazy. works great. if mr. bungle had been darker, this would have been it. fan-freaking-tastic! the older album is good, too, but more traditional (heh) zeuhl and less metal. this is waaay better. need more.

Unicode Consortium In Memoriam: Remembering the people who've helped build the blocks of what allows many languages to coexist on the web at once

Mirror Dream number 2, by Warren Defever and Johnny Evans

Moog, organ, harmonium via Warren of His Name Is Alive + sax. Contemplative, multi-faceted prefect for a grey sky

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It's working! Keep the pressure on Senators and Representatives! #NetNeutrality

BREAKING: First Republican lawmaker to publicly oppose the FCC’s radical net neutrality repeal -

#NetNeutrality matters. That's why I decided to end my Patreon pledge to @BryanLunduke tonight. While I respect his opinion and his right to analyze the situation and draw conclusions as he sees fit, at the end of the day I believe in voting with my wallet. And my vote for Bryan's position is: No.

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