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Gary Younge's new
'Angry, White and American'

if you read the UK Guardian you probably know the columnist Gary Younge, a black Brit living in the USA – now he's teamed up with UK Channel 4 and made this amazing 45min documentary about . Basically people who think it is only about race or only about class are not getting who the two mix together. Fantastic work.

Watch it now before the copyright police take it down.

here's mao!!! she's very affectionate today! kisses for all you !! 🌈✨💝

been wanting to do compile a list of resources for people to get grants for a but i don't know where to start. anyone got any clues?

saw a LEGALIZE FREEDOM sticker on the back of some pickup most likely piloted by some kneejerkin' alt-righter and i have to wonder why they think laws can't inhibit freedom

baked red kuri squash with buckwheat honey is a ridiculously good savory/sweet combination. thanks to my CSA for introducing me to this ridiculously delicious gourd named after the chestnut

this guy wore a maga hat in english class today and i was just dumbfounded bc like....... wow here it is in the flesh.
i know they're a thing but i just never saw one in real life before???

Why can't people just make xamarin desktop apps instead of electron?

ok who's really good with ??? i was trying to get information from the public key included in a PCKS#7 file (as there is in META-INF/*.RSA in an apk) and i can get the public key with `openssl pkcs7 -in CERT.RSA -inform DER -print_certs | openssl x509 -noout -pubkey` but that's not in a format `gpg` likes. help?

My most recent essay of note is on the Black Bloc & their heroic defense of activists: (some text descriptions of nazi & police violence at the link)

looks like we just got our 1000 registered user ! 🎉

Due to some events on our side, we can't complete Stranded Life with our personal funds anymore. I'm glad that we have almost of all of the needed materials, but some little and necessart things are missing or could be really simplified by funding. I detailed it a little bit in this post :
By the way, I (tried) created a Patreon ! (
I don't like asking help, even more twice, but I clearly don't want to give up this project who is vital for me.
EDIT : We have found a printer for free but it don't solve the funds problem, we need to get it shipped now (it weights 56kg).

tfw the dog lays on your arm and you can't get up

went to this super awesome Bystander/Upstander training put on by one of the women in our local SURJ chapter. the information was really practical and helped assuage the fears people have in getting involved. also the role playing was so useful.

anyways, i'm thinking this is something that really needs to be brought to schools, but as far as i know, there's not much being done elsewhere even generally. i hope i'm wrong. do you folks know of any similar programs? links?

please boost, thx.

🔔 users

I (@href) due to some reasons will have to cut down my own infrastructure (, which hosts and other stuff, by 3/4 to pay for some other life fees (lawyers; unrelated to all of this).

Due to theses issues, I'll be moving to another host, kindly provided by a friend at

For the users, … : nothing changes;

However while I'm migrating piece by piece to the new home, there will be some disturbances. No downtimes longer than 5-10 minutes without warning. A one~ hour downtime will happen when moving the database but I'll do a heads up before.

thanks for riding the fediverse, and;


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