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After work take:

Radical change requires starting from scratch. It's not comfortable and requires digging very deep to thrive. If you want a really better X, it's gonna be painful and hurt and frustrating.

It's ok to not be ok with that. But it's the cost of radical change.

Infoshop: **The Anarchists Who Took the Commuter Train**

"The Stelton colony, initially associated with the likes of Emma Goldman and Eugene O’Neill, was a radical suburb whose anarchist residents took the commuter train to New York. The post The Anarchists Who Took the Commuter Train appeared first on Infoshop News."

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 and likely other Samsung phones can be booted into safe mode with the volume down button.

However, if you damaged and bent your phone at the button like I did, you might end up with a situation where you can't get out of it. Oddly, in normal use, the button is non-functional. If I hit volume up, it doesn't go down on its down, so it's not stuck. Despite that, the boot process sensed something wrong, so it just be some kind of short.

I did manage to get it to boot normally, though. I just pushed as hard as I could to straighten the phone back out as it booted. I'm a wizard, Harry. Hope this helps someone.

A new Dune movie is in the works, set to release November 2020!

Directed by Dennis Villeneuve (Blade Runner 2049), it stars Jason Momoa as Duncan, Josh Brolin as Gurney, Dave Baustia as Beast, Stellan Skarsgård as Baron Harkonnen, David Dastmalchian as Piter and Zandaya as Chani (all have played Marvel characters).

One of the producers, John Harrison, was involved in the TV mini series of the early 2000s. Executive producers include author Frank Herbert's family: son Brian Herbert, grandaughter Kim, and grandson Byron Merrit.

I love Lynch's take (Frank Herbert did, too) and Jodorowsky would have really done something spectacular (duh), but I think this will be the adaptation we've been waiting for, especially given the intention is to split it across two films.

Dune was so me what Lord of the Rings is to a lot of people. I'm beside myself with excitement.

@wxl A lot of people think getting out of typing "q" before ":" in vi is hard. ;-D

@wxl You know what's pretty cool about regexes?
You can talk to people that have been UNIX-sysadmins since they had to because their mainframes were becoming out of fashion and they'll still go "yeah, I don't know how that magic works". :-D

um, ok, i lied a little. that's what i get for changing things after the fact. `d` deletes lines in `sed`, so what i meant was `sed 's|([^)]*)||g'` so it's just replacing the match with nothing and making the change globally.

sometimes thinking in reverse is the best. i was trying to figure out someway to get regex to remove a bunch of information in parentheses in a text file and because there were several on each line i was getting hung up, since regex is greedy and would eat everything from the first open paren to the last closed. solution: look for everything that's not a closed paren, i.e. `sed 's|([^)]*)|d'`

#TBT to my fall 2014 drawing class where we had a mastercopy assignment. I copied a page of Edward Gorey's book "The Gashlycrumb Tinies"

trying to copy a serif typeface by hand is.... not easy lol

#art #mastoart

Starting to futz around with the new lens. First victims: marina birds. #photography

@lubuntu wow, Gmail on 1 gig of ram, how'd they manage that? 😕

a Muslim woman interviews neo-Nazis and jihadists, and along the way manages to befriend one of the worst of them, who leaves behind his old life as he is embraced by a mostly black church nearby his home. wow. so impressed by her bravery but also the insight she brings to the table. i really look forward to seeing her documentaries.

The Hu, a New Breakthrough Band from Mongolia, Plays Heavy Metal with Traditional Folk Instruments and Throat Singing

The anarchists never have claimed that liberty will bring perfection; they simply say that its results are vastly preferable to those that follow authority.
-- Benjamin Tucker

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