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Strictly for the headstrong, only for the hardcore: 999 BPM. Only question remaining is whether or not this person got their plate by accident or they had it custom because they're into speedcore.

New 2/2. Holly is a Dutch with enormous paws. She displays them here, emulating the dog's usual pose. Light is from the Christmas tree, which she sometimes eats at like a little goat.

New 1/2, a dwarf $daughter named Lilac. She's like a freaking chinchilla. And look at that little paw sticking out.

You know marijuana is legal when you find a weed trimmer toy for kids. Not sure about the leaf blower, but i assume it helps with drying.

i honestly love this font i threw together. if anyone's interested, i've got it up on fontstruct (because i don't really know how to make fonts on my own, and it's got full latin and extended latin support, a ton of symbols, plus brail, most of greek, and part i'm starting on japanese.
i was originally making it for very small resolution screens on planned raspberry pi projects, but it looks decent on my 1440p monitor too

2nd ever upload in the Ubuntu archive! It's nice to be doing packaging again. This was fun because I got to stretch my quilt game by pulling in a patch from a newer version since autopkg tests were failing.

Switch to jemalloc to decrease memory consumption in sidekiq/puma.

See for a detailed explanation.

This change decreased sidekiq RSS memory size to less than a fourth of what it was before for my instance.

#MastoAdmins #instanceadmintips

I managed to track down the guy behind Gewaltakustik, my favorite noise artist.

The project has been dead for over a decade and his site died years ago…

It is my special pleasure to bring his music back into the cultural commons with his permission. <3

#music #freemusic

Today's is nostrum. Of particular interest: the tension between the first two definitions. So these are both totally valid, but different:

Neoliberal: the state is a nostrum.
Anarchist: the state is a nostrum.

Of course only one of them is right.

@thejessicacruz um wtf school do you go to?

Although… Maybe his goal is to make proto-fashes go anarchist? 🤔

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