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Let's not forget what's important this Thanksgiving.

Historian Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz on Thanksgiving: "It Has Never Been About Honoring Native Americans"
'...Actually, it’s never been about honoring Native Americans. It’s been about the origin story of the United States, the beginning of genocide, dispossession and constant warfare from that time—actually, from 1607 in Jamestown—until the present. It’s a colonial system that was set up.

There’s a sort of annual calendar for this origin story, beginning with Columbus, October 12. Why celebrate Columbus? It was the onset of colonialism, the slave trade and dispossession of the Native people of the Americas. So, that is celebrated with a federal holiday. That’s followed then by Thanksgiving, which is a completely made-up story to say the Native people welcomed these people who were going to devastate their civilizations, which is simply a lie...'


Scientist Runs Over Man With Truck.

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A few days ago I visited the Zapatista region in Mexico. The Zapatistas are anarchists who revolted against the government in 1994, and still control a large area. I finally managed to write a blog post about my visit, and it includes some nice art from their town.

There are a lot of pictures, so maybe don't open it on a mobile connection.

the current bee discourse has reminded me of zaphod beeblebrox, and more specifically that my mother owns a zaphod beeblebear, an incredibly cursed item which looks like this:

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Setting up that Black Friday TV? Remember: whatever the box says, *it is a dumb display*. Do *not* hook that adware, spyware infested box of obsolete apps on an underpowered CPU into your LAN. Its only role in life is as a display panel for your HDMI jacks, and nothing more.

I don’t think we talk enough about how mental illness is defined, under capital, almost entirely by one’s potential productivity.

Stop spreading stereotypes. Your librarian isn't telling you to "shh" they are recommending that you look in the index under S-Sh

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