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@gc If this happens I think they will try to buy the biggest instances, pour money and developers into making the user experience - particularly on mobile - as slick as possible and then add ActivityPub extensions which make it incompatible with other instances. After enough time had passed they would then drop support for ActivityPub and OStatus.

That's pretty much how web 2.0 pushed out the earlier federated groupware systems.

Ways to work against this are:
* Make it easy to block bad instances
* Discourage very large instances with thousands of users, which will be the most attractive for colonization.
* Promote general awareness of the kinds of tactics which have been used in the past against federated systems
* Encourage users to value community above convenience. Colonizers will try to dazzle users with convenience and shiny/trendy features.
* Create a lot of noise if there is any company trying to subvert open protocols with their own extensions.
* Make it easy for users to switch instances, aka "nomadic identity" so that they can "vote with their feet" if an instance starts adopting bad policies. The difficulty of moving from one instance to another is definitely something which colonizers will try to exploit.

@noelle i guess the real question is are you having fun yet? ;)

I've advanced from "you don't have the right libraries installed" to "segmentation fault" when I try to launch WOW under Wine.

I'm not sure if that's progress, but it's at least /different/.

RT @anarchismhub: CrimethInc.: **There's No Such Thing as Revolutionary Government : Why You Can't Use the State to Abolish Class**

"You can’t abolish class society without abolishing the asymmetry between ruler and ruled. That means abolishing the state."


“Time magazine concluded that the strike '. . . underscores the helplessness of government in the face of organized, even if nonviolent, lawlessness.'”


Although Black unemployment is at its lowest level in decades (still double that of whites), the numbers can be deceptive. Participation in the workforce is lower than in the 1970s when many racial barriers were busted. twitter.com/SolidarityUS/statu

Finished the cat’s playground today! Some ikea shelves (+ bath mats) and a ladder made out of 20 meters of rope. As soon as I‘d finished with the rope the cat clawed his way right to the top (and shortly after was fast asleep on the uppermost shelf) :) social.coop/media/kofU5HiZ3VY8

I'll be hanging out with kittens tomorrow if anyone in #LosAngeles is near my side of town and wants to join. #cats

"This year's Open House is going to be extra special because it's doubling as the grand opening of our brand new Kitten Adoption Center, and the official unveiling of our improved FeLV room!"


Infoshop: **Kropotkin’s “Modern Science and Anarchy” published**

"via Anarchist Writers by Anarcho I am happy to announce that the final book published in Kropotkin’s lifetime – Modern Science and Anarchy – is now available in English translation, namely 1913’s La Science Moderne et L’Anarchie. I would like to thank the comrades of AK Pr…"


#anarchism #bot

our solidarity must extend to

every person behind bars
every displaced person
every victim of imperialism
every family affected by the matrix of these three things
every person in ICE detention
every person facing deportation
every person growing up with gang and police violence all around them
every poor person

and every person who resides at the axes between these various oppressions


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@Siphonay FWIW, it has worked on the last several Samsungs I've had. Admittedly I almost always run beta. I'm not yet on the latest Android, nor the latest Samsung, either. I've got ∞ tabs, too. 🤷🏽

Parrot 4.0 "ethical hacking" #Linux distro released, significant changes including Linux kernal v. 4.16 fossbytes.com/parrot-4-0-relea

@ghost just when i thought i had missed all the fun with my little mastodon vacation, there's this. thank you :)

@kibi i still think "stoner emoji" would be a nice addition

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