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…but I actually really enjoyed Miley Cyrus singing Nine Inch Nails, especially after hinting at it in the melodies of her character's songs.

Black Mirror just referred to the Pixies and Sonic Youth as "vintage." I think that makes me officially old.

Hipku: IP poetry

there's no place like localhost
The hungry white ape
aches in the ancient canyon.
Autumn colors crunch.

Philanthropy is a symptom of systemic injustice, not a solution to it.

techie interviewing for a plumbing job:

"I'm really into plumbing... I maintain a high pressure system at home just for fun from parts I scavenged from various bankrupt manufacturing facilities."

the city of portland is spending millions of dollars to install boulders on the side of highways to make them unwelcoming to houseless people. god forbid they invest that in ... idk housing maybe
Portland, OR. City of Big Rocks…

Everyone thinks 🍥 should be the but:

* few fonts support characters in those upper emoji blocks
* not all implementations are turned the right way
* fishcake— ew!

Can we use U+1613 "CANADIAN SYLLABICS CARRIER YA" ᘓ instead please?

Unpopular option: great way to beat the heat is to get outdoors and exercise in it!

@luka that is like the perfect size modular. Enough that you can bring it with you but still lots of modules.

@luka interesting. I was speaking quite specifically to his grasp of a modular. You don't have pics of his kit do you??


Hey y’all, if u vet followers watch out for fake leftist accts. They’re usually created by MAGAssholes in Nazi Fedi to follow n target Black, Brown, LGBT folks. Watch out for fishy boost to post ratios, very little acct activity etc. Similar things u look for in bots.

@luka just got to say the aforementioned album is absolutely fucking fantastic. This cannot be their first go at things. Carefully honed skills are abundant here. Do they have other works you know of???

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