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just finished Book Two of John Robert Lewis' "March." a great example of what a powerful medium the graphic novel can be, but it leaves me pissed because this is a history i never learned about in school. sure, we heard about the march and MLK, Jr. but that's it. we didn't learn about the years and injuries and lives involved in the struggle that made it so significant. worst of all, we didn't learn about the tactics. as democratic citizens, every student should be armed with a knowledge of direct action. i hope history classes start teaching this.

i've owned for many years but now i'm finally getting around to putting polka dots on an actual rather than just the css generated ones on the website

The empire doesn’t care who is president

"Any sufficient vision of socialism, any better world we speak of, is one where there is no president and no empire at all."

@dartigen it's the 💾 icon to the right of the privacy settings 🔒 icon. There's an option in the menu where they're saved. Click an item to edit or hit the ☓ to delete. 1.1.4 over here, btw.

"The only real revolution happens right inside of you."

~ J. Cole, "High For Hours" (

This is the t-shirt for City Wide MEChA, a group working to educate and train leaders within the local Chicanx youth. More on them (nationally) here:

According to the author's source at Homeland Security, Bitcoin's elusive founder has been identified by stylometry. Yikes. Time to make software that turns your writing into robot speak.

Oh no the Trumpers are here. Now how the heck did this end up in my feed when I don't follow them?!

Here's the element zapper of uBlock Origin in action, quickly returning my precious mobile screen space back to me.

Firefox users rejoice that they plan on having a WebExtensions release ready when 57 comes out and legacy extensions are no longer usable.

there really is bias in the data being used to train AI. sure the "person" tag is not biased, but the captions are where things get interesting.

here's a group of people but not it's women who are preparing the meal:

here's police officers, emergency responders, cops, people, but also men and policemen:

based on this, i think the singularity is equally likely to happen or not happen, but either way it's going to be because our robot overlords are just fucking dumb as bricks.

Sad to see shares as gentrification symbol, but it's not about the bike. The communities they are installed in are completely ignored until the privileged move in. Then the city and corporate sponsors rush to do what they can. Ford is only in it to make the privileged "suffer" on bikes so they can sell them cars. Hard to do that to those without money.

there was a "party in the park" which $work had a booth at, so i brought it all there on a and even managed not to kill, main, or injure myself or others, but just barely. includes a large canopy, folding table, and another bike.

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