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Thanks to the delightful of @Famine and the fantastic instance run on the servers of @href my laptop has one more sticker, a soc.ialis.me one. See if you can find it!

You can have yours, too! See @stickers


Good Time Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Oneohtrix Point Never

The Warp marketing, often riddled with verbose hyperbole, drew a comparison to Vangelis' soundtrack to Blade Runner. I would count that among some of my favorite music ever. It's not that good, but pretty damn close. Holy shit.

Lithogenesis, by cathartech

created from the work of more adventurous experimentalist Loopool. Seen this guy live before. He had the world's tiniest modular, all stuffed in a bag. His music is all encompassing over big speakers, though.

TROPIC, by O Yuki Conjugate

ethno from the band that brought us Peyote, an absolute classic. This "new" work features two ~25ish minute unreleased pieces from round about the same time frame, too.


Outdoor Session 2, by Pulse Emitter

More fine melodic scapes, composed outside even. Buy all this guy's stuff, seriously.


are kute (it's holding it's tail!) but they apparently hate ice. So says at least.

She Continues To Fail, by ANNA VO


12 string with gorgeous female vocals teetering on the edge of but oh so dark.

from everyone's favorite anarchist feminist anti-racist black metal, doom, drone and noise label, AnOut.

hg iterated glass entering 3e2, by acreil

I follow whomever acreil is and their work hits a bunch of my favorite tags. In this case and so I'm sure you can see why I follow. Fascinating, heady, (at least in spirit) de/uncomposed compositions. Oh just listen to it.

Haven't used Instagram in a while, so left a goodbye post with a link to Mastodon.

Along the way I noticed their library usage is quite long. Looking at GitHub, they have contributed to (some of) their requirements & they have some stuff to offer, though only core. Most important of these is IGListKit, which has contributors outside the company.

Of course, they had to sign the Facebook CLA. Bah. mo betta.

Found behind the front counter of a glass distributor: direct CPU link up. You know those mofos are popping the red pills.