The Samsung Galaxy S7 and likely other Samsung phones can be booted into safe mode with the volume down button.

However, if you damaged and bent your phone at the button like I did, you might end up with a situation where you can't get out of it. Oddly, in normal use, the button is non-functional. If I hit volume up, it doesn't go down on its down, so it's not stuck. Despite that, the boot process sensed something wrong, so it just be some kind of short.

I did manage to get it to boot normally, though. I just pushed as hard as I could to straighten the phone back out as it booted. I'm a wizard, Harry. Hope this helps someone.

Every time I watch a Studio Ghibli movie, I see something new. :weed: 😭

More proof of love at the booth at this pic features tsimonq2 helping a stranger put on their MacBook Pro! Meanwhile bashfulrobot helps a visitor.

Day one of resulted in a visit by @bashfulrobot and family at the booth, ultimately culminating in a programming session. Now that's Ubuntu if I ever saw it.

The first day of completely devoured all the swag at the booth so the second day we only had a few @kubuntu stickers but filled up the empty space with and Riseup @stickers which will probably leave a lot of people thinking we're a bunch of radicals. Incidentally, they're not wrong!

Here's `tty-clock` running in terminal on an e-paper display powered by a Zero and it's wearable, too! More X-less magic from wizard William Wold as found at

is showing off the latest version of their Pop!_OS based off of 18.04 at Linux Fest Northwest (and giving away shirts if you toot about it)

Strictly for the headstrong, only for the hardcore: 999 BPM. Only question remaining is whether or not this person got their plate by accident or they had it custom because they're into speedcore.

New 2/2. Holly is a Dutch with enormous paws. She displays them here, emulating the dog's usual pose. Light is from the Christmas tree, which she sometimes eats at like a little goat.

New 1/2, a dwarf $daughter named Lilac. She's like a freaking chinchilla. And look at that little paw sticking out.

You know marijuana is legal when you find a weed trimmer toy for kids. Not sure about the leaf blower, but i assume it helps with drying.

Mirror Dream number 2, by Warren Defever and Johnny Evans

Moog, organ, harmonium via Warren of His Name Is Alive + sax. Contemplative, multi-faceted prefect for a grey sky

Luc Besson's Léon: The Professional is a freaking great . It has absolutely perfect pacing, full of suspense and rich characters. The acting, not normally something I pay too much attention to, is phenomenal. Gary Oldman plays a seriously jaded and sadistic DEA agent, a tween Natalie Portman seeking revenge against him for killing her family, and Jean Reno, the master hitman she develops a very unique relationship with. Highly, highly recommended.

Between the barbed wire outside, barred and painted over window, and the stark architecture, it looks like a very unfriendly prison cell indeed, but it's just the window in the bathroom at the antique store.

Rocket Racoon, eloquent a poet as there ever was. It was not a scene at a Trump rally but it should have been.

Amazing second hand find: vintage Midnight Sun oil lamp! Unfortunately it was nasty inside. Wick guide tube looked damaged and also looked totally gunked up with nasty old oil. Nearly impossible to get to the oil reservoir except through the fill hole and it looked like something died in there. I would have easily taken it on for a project, but not for $60! Fucking capitalism.

I love working at a place where someone starts a joke and then everyone pitches in tu take it to the nth level

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