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Kadath by Vaults of Zin
and is what you'll find here. sounds crazy. works great. if mr. bungle had been darker, this would have been it. fan-freaking-tastic! the older album is good, too, but more traditional (heh) zeuhl and less metal. this is waaay better. need more.

@wxl Vaults of Zin...!

I wonder if they're Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup fans

@cwebber i find it unlikely that it could be anything else:

never played this game before. i'm usually a nethacker. why do i want to play it instead?

@wxl They're different games and you may love them for different reasons.

Check out "Philosophy" on crawl.akrasiac.org/docs/crawl_

Some things I like about Crawl:
- You can beat the game without spoilers. AFAIK nobody who's ascended in Nethack has... too many in-jokes.
- The UI tries to make sure you did what you intended. In nethack, your character will *gladly and eagerly* step into that lava pit. Something like that in DCSS would ask clearly what you meant.

(Crawl cotd:)
- The game keeps its emphasis squarely on hack&slash tactical combat. This is true of Nethack as well, a little more focused so in Crawl.
- The magic system in Crawl is a lot more interesting IMO... wider variety of spells that are very carefully balanced.
- Omg Crawl's religion really varies the game! Every religion dramatically alters how you play.
- Releases are very frequent and devs aren't afraid to mix things up. Always something interesting & new.

@cwebber ok i'm convinced. thanks for introducing me to a new (to me) roguelike. i hope you enjoyed the music as much as me ;)

@wxl Well obviously I now need to play a game as a Zin worshiper while listening to it :)

@cwebber i expect a full report. i'll try to do the same later ;)

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