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ԜаӀtеr Ⅼарсһуnѕkі @wxl

@dartigen it's the 💾 icon to the right of the privacy settings 🔒 icon. There's an option in the menu where they're saved. Click an item to edit or hit the ☓ to delete. 1.1.4 over here, btw.

@wxl @dartigen is this maybe a local innovation? I don't see it on any of the servers I'm on.

@noelle @dartigen nopers. You're using Tusky, right? Cuz that's what we're talking about and 1.1.4 in Masto is ancient history 😂

@wxl @dartigen nope, Amaroq on iOS and I can't see dart's toots! Those looked like web interfaces so I got curious.

@noelle Hmm, odd that you couldn't see my toots - I did reply directly to Wxl a couple of times to avoid annoying people, but my account isn't locked or anything. I was a bit lost on how to save drafts in Tusky, thought it night not have the feature.

@wxl oh, I see. I wasn't sure what that icon was for.

An auto-prompt to save if you're going to leave the composing screen would also be cool (I'm very forgetful when I have to manually save stuff) but this is a good start.