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Oh no the Trumpers are here. Now how the heck did this end up in my feed when I don't follow them?!


@wxl Someone might've boosted, then unboosted it. That's happened to me on a number of occasions

@zigg I could see that being likely in this case. One of the responses asked the author to include profile information and that's where their identity really shines. Needless to say I doubt anyone I follow has good feelings about Trump.

@wxl @zigg Hooee, someone's in for a nasty surprise. (Hint: Trumpshit there) 😅

@jeroenpraat @zigg but I can still search for it? Did they delete it or did mods remove it?

@jeroenpraat @zigg yep. You're right. Wonder if that's how it ended up on my feed.

@wxl @zigg Probably just before that account was deleted/suspended I suppose.

@Gargron 👆🏽 this account appears to be recently removed, so recently that it only appears to exist in federation, which I assume will change shortly. It's also likely that their toot was originally boosted by someone I follow, and then later unboosted. Would either or both of them cause the toot to appear on my feed? I thought I had seen that the latter was resolved a while back.

@wxl I boosted this before the user came out as a trumpist. I unboosted and suspended the account

@Gargron then my questions are two part:

1. i thought there was a mechanism in place to ensure unboosts federate properly?

2. i am no apologist for trump, his supporters, or related folks, but did she do anything that violated your code of conduct?

@wxl she posted a call on twitter to invade mastodon and have the "libtards" argue with each other

unboosts do federate which is why you didnt see that *i* boosted it

@Gargron sigh. i keep forgetting about birbsite. thanks for being on top of things.

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