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ԜаӀtеr Ⅼарсһуnѕkі @wxl

there really is bias in the data being used to train AI. sure the "person" tag is not biased, but the captions are where things get interesting.

here's a group of people but not it's women who are preparing the meal:

here's police officers, emergency responders, cops, people, but also men and policemen:

based on this, i think the singularity is equally likely to happen or not happen, but either way it's going to be because our robot overlords are just fucking dumb as bricks.


@wxl Which will be first: North Korean EMP, Sweet Meteor of Death, or Singularity?  I'm thinking EMP.

@alpacaherder none of the above. God, having caught some nasty illness caused by humanity's infectious and debilitating stupidity, will sneeze suddenly, sending all of life flying into the æther, never to be seen again. And so begins the Age of Mucus.