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Compressed .7z file processed in various layers/tracks with #Audacity. i.e #databending #experimental #fuzz #noise


@dabnotu databending is a lot like chiptunes: a dime a dozen. this is quality stuff. wishlisted and followed. keep up the good work! care to share any further insight on the process?

@wxl I appreciate your comment, chum. My take on databending is the layering, much like some of the image/graphic work I post, and which I tend to seek out in the less processed images. I don't know if this is the sort of information you were seeking, but I'm glad to clarify any further. And #thanks for the #boost! #Peace!

ԜаӀtеr Ⅼарсһуnѕkі @wxl

@dabnotu yes that's helpful, but beyond the layering, we're any significant effects applied to the material?

@wxl Indeed. Echo, delay, pitch adjustments, some tremelo to create the "beat" track... I’ve managed to find my way to your bandcamp page, which prompts me to propose a quick collaboration: if you send me an image I’ll put together a quick track & send it to you & post it if it’s to your liking. Let me know if this sounds interesting. Peace!