I don’t think we talk enough about how mental illness is defined, under capital, almost entirely by one’s potential productivity.

Stop spreading stereotypes. Your librarian isn't telling you to "shh" they are recommending that you look in the index under S-Sh

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RT @takeactionch 25 anti-racist activists are facing criminal charges in connection with #SilentSam's toppling and subsequent demonstrations against white supremacy at #UNC. Please support our fight against white supremacy! fundrazr.com/41Oc48?ref=ab_97V t.co/SuK64qVMvX

The count down to Plasma 5.14 starts today. Get Plasma 5.14 beta now and try out new features such as the Display Configuration widget, Discover's firmware upgrade system, and Kwin's smoother desktop effects.

WARNING: Beta software is for testers. Expect rough edges. Submit bug reports.


mutual aid, direct action, and solidarity are not theoretical models waiting to be applied. they are the means of survival for so many of us. we practice them every day because they are the path to tomorrow.

i wouldn't be alive but for the haphazard mutual aid systems of marginalized communities. my very survival fills me with faith in each other. beware despair: it belongs to our foes.

fdpp is a 64-bit #DOS.
It is based on a FreeDOS kernel ported to modern C++.
In short, FreeDOS plus-plus.

It is hard to believe such stupidity can exist in the human race, but there it is :-o /jd

'North Carolina [passed] legislation prohibiting state and local agencies from making planning decisions based on the latest climate science about sea level rise....

Now the state is facing the threat of a life-threatening storm surge, which could cause billions of dollars in damage.'


c/o DarklyDave-at-twitter.com:

Doin' the state a h*ckin' frighten.

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People have a lot of alts. Seems confusing to me unless you're dividing by topic which is totally cool.

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