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Zora Neal Hurston Wrote a Book About Cudjo Lewis, the Last Survivor of the Atlantic Slave Trade, and It’s Finally Getting Published 87 Years Later goo.gl/avkp9D t.co/vmPpl8Ecrs

These are all different days. You might reasonably assume that she never actually moved.

#mastocats #catstodon #catsofmastodon #caturday

cc: @catstar @cats

Did I mention that I love corvidae?

Image description: a black-purple raven on a tree branch, with a pale blue background.
Drawn with colored pencils on rough watercolour paper.

(Still trying to figure our the best way to add image descriptions)


the programming and linux #zines by Julia Evans are lovely,
I've seen a bunch of comics by her circulating here on Mastodon, like the one about grep in the picture, so a link to her website is due 😀


and here a link to support her by buying some zines if you are interested gumroad.com/b0rk

More proof of love at the booth at this pic features tsimonq2 helping a stranger put on their MacBook Pro! Meanwhile bashfulrobot helps a visitor.

while #telegram is down (at least for some) take this as an oportunity to reflect:
- do you rely on a centralized service
- telegram runs on proprietary software
- it can't federate and creates by that something known as 'walled gargen'
- there are great alternatives you might like

#matrix (federated protocoll) -> about.riot.im/
#xmpp (federated protocoll) -> conversations.im/ , #jabber ...

for future use:
briar (in beta) has p2p

Day one of resulted in a visit by @bashfulrobot and family at the booth, ultimately culminating in a programming session. Now that's Ubuntu if I ever saw it.

The first day of completely devoured all the swag at the booth so the second day we only had a few @kubuntu stickers but filled up the empty space with soc.ialis.me and Riseup @stickers which will probably leave a lot of people thinking we're a bunch of radicals. Incidentally, they're not wrong!

Here's `tty-clock` running in terminal on an e-paper display powered by a Zero and it's wearable, too! More X-less magic from wizard William Wold as found at soc.ialis.me/media/sVMONm0MXkl

is showing off the latest version of their Pop!_OS based off of 18.04 at Linux Fest Northwest (and giving away shirts if you toot about it) soc.ialis.me/media/WMgz5EYrDCs

ANTIFA (2018) [30mins]
'...Who are the anti-fascists? What motivates them to risk their lives to fight the far right? What is the history of militant anti-fascism and why is it relevant again today? How is anti-fascism connected to a larger political vision that can stop the rise of fascism and offer us visions of a future worth fighting for? Through interviews with anti-fascist organizers, historians, and political theorists in the US and Germany, we explore the broader meaning of this political moment while taking the viewer to the scene of street battles from Washington to Berkeley and Charlottesville...'

@cypnk yeah. i feel like printers are an unusually clear example of all the ways that the market slowly but irresistibly unsolves a class of solved problems.

@brennen Printers shouldn’t be this hard. Even if they’re buried under a mountain of patents, there should be a way to distill the essential components into a workable, minimal unit

let's bring those emo eye-covering hairstyles back into style to thwart facial recognition

Don't say "Sci-hub" too loudly or the guy from Elsevier will come and break your kneecaps :librarian_hushing: