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ok je crois que la startup nation est définitivement trop disruptive pour moi (bonus pour les collusions entre Microsoft et l'État)


Here it is, the first episode of my brand new cooking show.

It has French and English subtitles.

The great and feared handspinner starship

I know it was a few days ago but I drew this for the 8th day of

The best sex games that aren't garbage

A few sexy games that are good as video games and not only as porn material

En cours la prof a dit que les divinités des enfers sont les :thinkhappy:

Day 3: Roasted
Kaskette & Pakaskette team up with Akab to throw stones at a grill room.
This is a fiction don't arrest me thanks.

I was very tired and not very inspired so today's drawing isn't super cool

I hope i will have enough time to do real inking for one of my Inktober drawings

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