Un chouette article sur le jeu coop qui nous rappelle que le jeu vidéo est politique et qui propose des jeux à essayer à deux


Do you know any free and open source screenwriting software ? It seems like Trelby has not been updated for a long time

Michael and @Spica made a 10 minutes cyberpunk interactive story about employment (or something like that, go and play it!)

Just published RoboCreator, a short cyberpunk interactive story by Michael Hill and @Spica !
Playable on your browser, on your PC or mobile:
#gamedev #indiedev #cyberpunk

New short game (or interactive narrative call it what you want) next week hopefully. Maybe
#indiegame #twine #cyberpunk #indiedev

I should have posted about it two weeks ago but we published a demo for our next game, its, uuh, a Death Grips Renai game. Check it out here : cybergnose-cafe.itch.io/artl

And thanks to everyone who played, made us a donation, and told us that they liked it. It's super motivating to see people enjoying our productions!

Also tell me if you know about one that isn't on the list

I made a collection of the Death Grips related projects you can find on Itch.io :

Oh btw there's a lot of chances that I will NOT be able to come to A MAZE 2019

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Announcing A Ride To Love, a free Death Grips visual novel
Get the demo and start flirting with Stefan now!
#gamedev #visualnovel #renai #deathgrips

Y a un endroit où je peux avoir la liste des dates ?

Bon bah je vais pas pouvoir y aller :/ Merci quand même

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