I'm totally not obsessed with Death Grips but I felt like it's important to tell you that they're live on NTS Radio in a few hours

(death grips!)

@carachrone it's a flyer you'll see in the game for an event that occurs in it, not meta. But that would be fun to print some of it and hang them in the city

Hey wadup i'm still alive and I keep working on my Death Grips Renaï Game.
(Here is a wonderful concert flyer from it)

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Croatan by Colestia

Croatan - the space station at the edge of the universe.
The last place truly beyond the reach of intergalactic capitalism.


made a game where you throw milkshakes at nigel farage. thrown together in record time glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/1

@Shyle C'est pour quand Lyon ? Tu fais un concert ?

@Famine Ça peut que intéresser des gens et en attirer d'autres vers tes prods

'I'd Have These Extremely Graphic Dreams': What It's Like To Work On Ultra-Violent Games Like Mortal Kombat 11


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Un chouette article sur le jeu coop qui nous rappelle que le jeu vidéo est politique et qui propose des jeux à essayer à deux


Do you know any free and open source screenwriting software ? It seems like Trelby has not been updated for a long time

Michael and @Spica made a 10 minutes cyberpunk interactive story about employment (or something like that, go and play it!)

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