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Vincent Vially

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Si y a des gens qui ont l'habitude de nettoyer des dessins scannés sur je prend les conseils.

I'm making a small 5 pages comic that should be published in a zine in june.
It's about uuuh... Anger, loneliness and misunderstanding I guess.
I hope the story isn't too much of a mess and that people will get it.

Je crois que j'ai vu des personnes se plaindre de Diaspora ici. Y'a un problème avec ce réseau social ?

Hey, je viens de publier un prototype de jeu de plateau ! Pour l'instant ça ressemble pas à grand chose mais à terme faut voir ça comme un mélange d'Overwatch, d'échec et de Space Jam (oui). Si vous pouvez tester et partagez vos impressions ce serait cool!

I made some research about the use C4 and Semtex for a comic, I hope the french intelligence is not sending anyone to burst my door open tonight.

Super cool digital comic About trying to live as an artist (I guess)!

If you like those you should also check out and i made sure to hold your head sideways :

Is hope the opposite of nostalgia ?

I made a visual novel alone, like I even had to draw the game page myself
You can play it in your browser!

Finally geting home from , it's time to admit that travelling in bus was NOT a good idea.

Pas de la propagande du tout

Un avantage inestimable de Mastodon : TeamMacronPR n'existe pas.

mdrrrr ces posts de dictateur

Cube VS Slime Simulator 2018

You don't have to be talented to be an artist