You guys honestly don't fucking want to know the fucked up culture / society around white evangelical christians. It's so stupid, superficial and honestly disturbing. I wish I was never introduced to these people.

evangelicals are fucking stupid. Honestly fuck them.

I'm in a lot of trouble. I have no financial support and have been looking for a job for months. My parents have shunned me for being queer and won't help me, my bf doesn't have any money. I really don't have anything of worth to sell. I don't know how I'm going to get food or pay bills. I'm honestly really suicidal and the stress of school is making it worse. I have a pay pal which is but I doubt anyone will help me. Don't be surprised if I'm gone soon.

if I died I think people would be cool with it

also I think I thought The Beatles were the greatest because I grew up listening to their music. I now know there's lots of other bands that were much better. Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, The Kinks, The Zombies, etc.

@krruzic no I've changed my mind. I think The Kinks were the best of that time. So many people copy them and they weren't even seen as that special back then.

I'd rather shave my eyeballs than do fucking stats!!!

You mocking my religion doesn't offend me, your lack of education does

To everyone who thinks they know a single thing about religion (mostly edgy atheist types but some others): read a book and shut the fuck up.

How did I get so damn lucky with @krruzic ? I honestly thought finding someone to go out with would be really hard, but I met my soulmate at 14. Kristopher is Gid's gift to me and I love him more than anyone can fathom.

also @krruzic got a special addition to the family today 💙💙💙

The most beautiful cat alive came into @krruzic life two years ago. She's helped him through a lot. I am so happy I get to be her cat mom. But honestly have you seen a prettier cat??

My friend and I. With me looking cool taken by @theveganqueen96 , a world class (aspiring) photographer

None of you guys liked my shitty picture of my amazing cat. Well maybe you'll like these better? Real camera. August is beautiful and the greatest cat alive. She saved my life.

@krruzic please answer your phone!! I'm so worried about you.

tfw you realize that we're not limited to 140 characters so we don't have to freaking abbreviate everything!!!

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