after parkland just a heads up but the reason we don’t listen to the whole β€œtell an adult!!” shtick is bc we’ve learned 9/10 times the adult in question does jack shit so why bother

also like the fbi was notified that the guy had threatened the school months ago but this still happened so

my school is such TRASH this morning there was an announcement saying that if you took a special needs kid to prom as your date it counted as community service hours. how fucking hard is it realize that disabled students are human beings with real feelings lmao

you ever dread it when a specific person messages you because you know it’s gonna be about something bad

it just feels like we’re all in denial like yeah let’s talk about bipartisanship and checks and balances as if the country isn’t melting down before our eyes djjdkssk

taking ap gov, which is basically a really advanced civics class, during this political climate has been one of the weirdest experiences ever

my town didn’t make the short list for amazon HQ2 god bless πŸ™ŒπŸ½ does one politely tell their friend that they should consider inpatient treatment...

this weather has done a number on my hair 😬😬

also he was one of those White Vegansβ„’ like someone asked a question about how they would spend the money they would have after reducing the military budget and mentioned something about infrastructure and single payer and then he went on a tangent on how you shouldn't eat meat ever

today a guest speaker for the green party came into my class to talk about what they believe in and stuff since we just finished a chapter on political parties and it was so, so bad πŸ’€

like he said he was the co-chair of his district's green party which just got started and he handed us the flyer about their 10 key values but he didn't know the sheet??? like my class would ask him questions and he would have to read off the sheet. i get you just got started as a chapter but wow??

i gotta read ayn rand for ap gov rip i can't stand her writing

he's basing this on off on government control, so like to my teacher since fascism increases government control, it's left wing because the left wing wants more government control and the right wing wants less


like for starters, the democrats didn't call attention to the widespread voter disenfranchisement happening in florida

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