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I (@href) due to some reasons will have to cut down my own infrastructure (, which hosts and other stuff, by 3/4 to pay for some other life fees (lawyers; unrelated to all of this).

Due to theses issues, I'll be moving to another host, kindly provided by a friend at

For the users, … : nothing changes;

However while I'm migrating piece by piece to the new home, there will be some disturbances. No downtimes longer than 5-10 minutes without warning. A one~ hour downtime will happen when moving the database but I'll do a heads up before.

thanks for riding the fediverse, and;


media attachments will have some troubles for the next half hour -- migrating it to another server.

if someone on soc. has some rails skills/css and would like to help with the instance fork it could be nice. There's stuff to clean and some style bug to fix.

I (@href) don't really have the time right now :(

Better late than never: we're now running 2.0.0 instead of an old 2.0 master. Sorry for being late for the upgrade.


some stats: count of requests per day on (it's around 100k/day)

Looks like we're still experiencing some issues. Half of the cluster is down. Looking at it

Had a small unexpected downtime due to redis shitting himself. Been down about ~15 minutes.

Rolling out a fix for the 888 chars limitation

Planned maintenance at approx. 7PM UTC (in two hours, 21h in France): uprading to 1.5.0.

prometheus have predicted that in 91~ days the media server of will be full.

`(((100 - _node_disk_used_percent{instance="minio1",mountpoint="/minio"}) / deriv(_node_disk_used_percent[1d]) > 0) / 86400)`

prometheus is fun

The stickers has arrived! \o/ Show more

migrations finished -- both the database master and media server are now running on replicated HA SAN storage! 🎉

hmm actually, it still works but _very_ slowly. It'll be that way for one hour and then performance will be back.

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