Maintenance done for tonight.

One more in the next week and we should be done for a while. :)

~ @href

Kittens are celebrating, the catnip has been recovered, and the instance is upgraded to 1.3.3. :)

some wilds pumas took hostage the kitten's catnip. except some very short downtime in the next ~15 minutes until the catnip is recovered.

(rolling out the upgrade and restartings).

The cat tech team is gonna take care of the instance again:

- Upgrade to 1.3.3
- Isolate the web (puma) vms from the workers (sidekiq) vms
- Finish some optimizations
- purr

The cats don't plan to observe downtime. But we never now when the red dot comes...

Looks like some web requests are getting some latency since my tweaks/upgrases (see attached screenshot). I guess sometimes too much Puma threads is too much, eheh. ~@href

next steps: tuning for the new ram amount (3Gb instead of 1 ; 2400Mb free right now).

bonus: mastodon

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