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i'll upgrade in 20-30 minutes, expect some downtime :)

Back to normal.

Have a nice day on the fediverse!

The background workers of became stuck for a while. Federation had issues for one hour or two.

Started additional workers to absorb the queue and return to normal.


Re-enabled IPv6 inbound connectivity to the instance, as ipv6 issues seems to be fixed at the ISP.


We'll wait the 2.1 release to upgrade -- not gonna use the release candidates this time.


We had 10 minute downtime due to some fuck up with routing and stuff in the internal VPN connecting the parts of Sorry about that, ~@href downtime explaination Show more downtime explaination Show more

We're back since an hour -- We've been down since approx. 1am UTC. Sorry for the annoyance, our ISP fucked up on some thing and @href was asleep.

More details on @tech asap.

We're having some issues/lag on federation-- working on it; ~@href

Maintenance done for tonight.

One more in the next week and we should be done for a while. :)

~ @href

🔔 users: I'll be conducting some maintenance on the backend and database of the instance tonight, starting from 8:30-9:00PM UTC (21h30-22h french hour).

There will be some downtimes, shorter or longer so be prepared :)


Doing a maintenance on the media server -- uploads will not work for 5-15 minutes. ~@href

I'll soon add a Tor hidden service to reach

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