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oh god this is the most brutal meme i've ever seen

it explicitly gives tenant associations the legal right to enact a 30 day rent strike upon a vote of the association. after that, the landlord has 21 days to respond with what they'll do to address the grievance that led to the strike. if they don't meet, they forfeit the withheld rent for the month. it also gives you a bulletproof defense against an eviction proceeding by pointing out the landlord violated this law.


SB529 would do for tenant associations what the NLRA did for labor unions: give legal recognition, protection against retaliation for organizing, and other powerful stuff:

Some shithead created a github website that stokes up fears against affordable housing development, so I submitted some corrections. Please give my pull request a +1

like, come on. we can handle this in a compassionate way, or we can keep thrashing about and continue to goad the triggered person into further escalating their responses.

I'm trying to get things to where we can all have a cooling off period, but others want to keep picking this wound and debate about whether or not some hacker is showing signs of being a potential abuser, all based on hearsay.

Someone at Noisebridge had their DV triggered which further escalated things and they don't want to cool off about it which makes this restorative justice thing almost impossible.

Going to a bar later this week. Or, as I call it, "Tinder VR"

Minneapolis does it better. Rather live in a Bender Box than a Wienerville.

RT @Scott_Wiener

Opponents of #SB50 (the #MoreHOMES Act) are calling apartments & affordable housing “Wienervilles.” Because, you know, if you don’t restrict your neighborhood to multi-million dollar single family homes, then you might have income diversity.

Better Wienervilles than NIMBYvilles.


Next Friday is my wisdom tooth extraction and I am so extremely not here for it. Hoping I don't get dry socket :(

I had a soup and neatloaf lunch today and it put me in a food coma I've not yet recovered from

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