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Imagine coming back from a night shift at work and receiving this trash.

We have just cause, but tenants are still in a power imbalance.

Next Friday I get my lower right wisdom tooth extracted.

I wonder what people in power could do to not be meaned at


we're looking to add team members for five new roles. head over to the npm jobs page to learn more:


Manny's, the place in the mission. They're on my same wavelength. Akron needs a coffeebarshop event venue downtown.

is this my midlife crisis? probably. but holy fuck I miss Akron. I miss not being stressed the fuck out all the time. I miss my family. I miss home.

So I'm going to do it. I've got two years to figure this out.

before I moved west, I had dreams of opening up a DNA Lounge inspired event venue in Akron. That idea was brought back to the front of my brain over the last week. I want to make it a co-op coffee shop, bar, nightclub, grocery store, some kind of community hub that can support myself and others while we build this next generation of a hacker community in Akron.

since last october or so, I'd been wondering to myself what my future holds. where I'll be in 5 years, all that stuff. I'm tired of tech. I'm tired of bay area housing politics. I'm tired of the SFians I have to work with, but EBFE is a wonderful community that will live forever long after I'm gone. I can actually step back and go do something else.

It was a pretty surreal trip, honestly.

I spent the first few days with my partner Chris. The first night, an old synhakker/hackerspace founder called me up out of the blue because we haven't spoke for years. So he was on speakerphone and we had 3 people hollering about starting up a new hackerspace in Akron.

Then I spent the next few days with another family member, Xander. He and his partner also got riled up and motivated to jump in and do it a second time, but Better(tm).

So then *all* of us got together, and now there's at least 7 people who are fucking pumped to start a new hackerspace. And thats when I decided I should move back in 2021.

I went to Akron last week and failed to toot anything about it, mostly because I have vague moving plans that I shouldn't talk about publicly just yet.

"drafting letter's is my forte."

e-mail we received today in response to our job posting for a paralegal.

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