Never tango with options, kids. I got burned this week.

Yesterday I rode my bike for the first time after nearly two weeks of rain. My ass hurts so much because I took my commuter cuz I didn't actually expect to find such good weather for such a long ride.

TFW it's locker garbage collection day at Noisebridge and there are locks in the way

Aaron Peskin, SF supervisor, is proposing these new demolition controls on existing housing in the city.

Yes, you're reading this correctly. It would prohibit a building which replaces a demolished residential building from both matching the neighborhood architecture and *not* matching the architecture. It would also outlaw anything that requires a variance, or anything that is as big as an apartment building.

This is gentrification on steroids. I can't emphasize enough how destructive this plan is, let alone how many state and federal laws this violates. Fuck Aaron Peskin.

The district reached an agreement with the city of Oakland to use two parking lots for BRT.

We have a lot of stations completed! 52nd to 66th Ave construction begins! We're 51% done! Striping in San Leandro starts tomorrow through Feb!

Today I'm at the ACTransit board meeting to protest service cuts to busses stemming from high operator turnover and staffing shortages.

The contents of her motion. This is actually really good?

Discussing this slide right now. 25% of our priority development areas are in gentrifying communities instead of areas of high opportunity, such as Rockridge or North Berkeley.

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