I'm so tired. Today someone said I'm harboring abusers at Noisebridge. Why do I even bother with that group anymore? Things were so nice until shit blew up a month ago and someone's DV was triggered, sending us into a death spiral of asking everyone to leave without slowing down and asking for help

Update: we've now moved on to accusing me of sabotaging the accounting system to make the treasurer look bad, if anyone's wondering

@aes256thetic EBFE is a highly functional Civic Hackerspace. It can be done if the foundation is good. This year is the refoundation of NB where I'm trying to give a new foundation to build on top of.

I keep reminding myself it's a marathon not a sprint.

@tdfischer So sorry. As a newcomer/outsider it does seem awfully full of raw nerves there

@pagrus yeah, a bit. We've been slowly rebuilding the community since a nuke went off in 2017 and everyone is still traumatized from that and giving disproportionate responses and weaponizing "safe space" to kick out long time members with the slightest microaggression, when we need to be teaching each other how to divest ourselves of those microaggressions. Lots of angry frothing, not enough Slow The Fuck Down And Work Together On Improving Ourselves As A Community

@tdfischer Yeah that's kind of the sense I get from the sidelines.

As someone who is easily intimidated it does make me hesitant to try to get more involved though, I feel like I tend to want to wait for this kind of stuff to blow over before investing too much time/energy in a place. I can't help but wonder if this is the new natural state of things though.

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