I'm excited to announce the first release of Organizer, a tool for organizing your community. This is v0.1.0 "Lake Shore Limited", and ready for your use:

Included are the first full set of features:

* CRM functionality for collecting, searching, using data about an organization's members: e-mail, name, phone number, address, custom tags, and more.
* Expansive import/export functionality that includes CSV, Excel spreadsheets, google calendar, airtable, and others.
* One-click heroku deployment to get you up and running without too much technical knowledge.
* Event attendance tracking for members through a mobile web app interface.
* Allow neighborhood captains to send broadcasts to their neighborhood.
* Configure notifications to neighborhood captains when new people join their neighborhood.

If you hate CRMs, you'll probably like Organizer.

We use this at East Bay for Everyone to figure out which members live in which neighborhood; we then use that knowledge to strategically activate people into action. No sense in telling West Oaklanders about the community meeting going on in the Laurel, but Laurel organizers really want to know when new members join in their neighborhood.

Organizer handles that for you. Its a super useful tool for us so far. Please use it and give me bugs to fix.

@tdfischer I'll drop a note in the correct channel in my slack and see who else wants to try it out. We have some nerdzZzz

@oloigheruosne I'm expecting a 0.1.1 soon as literally anyone starts using it and finds a crash

@tdfischer love too play fast and loose with my `bumpversion patch` also. y yes 0.1.23423 is fine

@tdfischer informed the people and i'll let you know if anyone wants to try and needs help!

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