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This place needs more actual content. Let's begin.

Sleep in the dark.

5mof was very enlightening tonight.

I have just been injected with a serum which should render me temporarily immune to one of the deadliest and most disruptive infectious diseases in the world.

Our civilization is capable of engineering and distributing this serum to almost everyone, every year. This is an incredible achievement.

Some people don't take it because their healing crystals will protect them from harm.

Does anybody know if there's good resources (from zines, longreads, to scientific papers) conceptualizing system administration from a marxist-feminist point of view? I have had a gut feeling for years that the production/reproduction distinction w/ everything that comes along with that (invisible labor, entitled attitudes by those in "production", ...) could be a suitable framework for analyzing the (social) problems we face in our workplaces, but don't have the resources to develop a theory on that on my own...

boosts appreciated :)

The American left is doomed to fail until we divest ourselves of the patriarchy by telling parochial men to shut the fuck up and try building alliances before picking up the long knives

Yeah national politics is a tire fire but have you ever followed local politics?

But pls, white saviors, do tell us more how the fediverse isn't the place to discuss racism and abuse, esp without CW's.

If you are against GMO because it is "bad for the environment", and you call yourself an environmentalist you actually don't care about the environment, GMO has the power to reduce impact on the environment. Also pointing to megacorporations and say "GMO is obviously bad" is just as rediculous, if you hadn't noticed most scientist who are involved with GMO research don't want megacorps patenting every goddamn gene, and some of those scientist are socialist so they're not going to defend those companies, but to say GMO make farmers overly reliant on megacorps is to completely gloss over the fact capitalism is going to take all tech and use it to suck as much profit out of it as posible regardless, GMO is neutral tech.

/rant over don't at me with any more monsanto this monsanto that it's not a good arguement against GMO, it is a misdirected arguement about the way capitalism works.

I once tried ripping the hood off of an art car. It was amazing.

Too bad hard media is already dead, or I'd be hacking on rippit still. I need to find a reason to use GStreamer again in my work. Been missing it.

I'm almost ready for a scanit v0.1.0 after several years of hanging out in unstable beta.

The purest form of FOSS: the random stuff you hack together in your scarce free time to give you more free time.

I don't work in tech anymore but I still push out releases of random stuff. Funny how that works.

We use this at East Bay for Everyone to figure out which members live in which neighborhood; we then use that knowledge to strategically activate people into action. No sense in telling West Oaklanders about the community meeting going on in the Laurel, but Laurel organizers really want to know when new members join in their neighborhood.

Organizer handles that for you. Its a super useful tool for us so far. Please use it and give me bugs to fix.

I'm excited to announce the first release of Organizer, a tool for organizing your community. This is v0.1.0 "Lake Shore Limited", and ready for your use:

Included are the first full set of features:

* CRM functionality for collecting, searching, using data about an organization's members: e-mail, name, phone number, address, custom tags, and more.
* Expansive import/export functionality that includes CSV, Excel spreadsheets, google calendar, airtable, and others.
* One-click heroku deployment to get you up and running without too much technical knowledge.
* Event attendance tracking for members through a mobile web app interface.
* Allow neighborhood captains to send broadcasts to their neighborhood.
* Configure notifications to neighborhood captains when new people join their neighborhood.

If you hate CRMs, you'll probably like Organizer.

I saw a dwarf tell the story of the ascension of the human Meng Grippedshot to the position of king of The Crazy Urn in 205 at The Peach of Pumpkins. No, I'm not interested.

— Nil Thusestmelbil, chief medical dwarf

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