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This place needs more actual content. Let's begin.

they're foldable phones but nobody ever said if they're unfoldable


Effective today, will become the 1st major department that we know of to prohibit this kind of fear-based training. Attending or instructing an external training that relates to use-of-force will now require approval from our Chief. #mplsSOTC


Update: we've now moved on to accusing me of sabotaging the accounting system to make the treasurer look bad, if anyone's wondering

I'm so tired. Today someone said I'm harboring abusers at Noisebridge. Why do I even bother with that group anymore? Things were so nice until shit blew up a month ago and someone's DV was triggered, sending us into a death spiral of asking everyone to leave without slowing down and asking for help

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These two ex-Square engineers want to replace Romanian restaurants with Von Neumann universal constructors

affordable housing: little
parks: alright
automobile parking: plenty
airplane parking: enough for thousands

someone please help me budget my city's land my family is dying

Never tango with options, kids. I got burned this week.

The Boston Globe on breaking up Big Tech falls into the trap of tech exceptionalism

Specifically, Tenants Together and numerous costal DSA chapters protested the bills author for not having introduced it fast enough. Which to me is like shaming your friend that it took them so long to understand your arguments. Imho we should be welcoming support when it comes, not shoving it away only because it came late. But that's just me, an organizer.

Next attempt at Costa Hawkins reform is now live:

AB36 would allow cities to extend rent control to new housing after 10 years. Costa Hawkins currently prevents any new rent controlled units after 1995

Last session, tenant organizations protested the previous version, which was a full repeal. Because the American Left is a failed project. This new version already got the blessing of the CA Apartment Association back then, so maybe we'll pass something this time around.

Today, the Local Government subcommittee of the California Senate allowed ACA1 to proceed. ACA1 is a constitutional amendment that reduces the voting threshold for a tax to fund affordable housing from 2/3rds (Impossible in a state with more than 1/3rd the population land owners) to 55%.

Soon, we'll be seeing a bay area regional housing agency form that has the power to levy such a tax in it's district. Mass social housing headed our way, but only if you write your senator with your support too.

Join me on April 9 for a housing lobby day in Sacramento with East Bay for Everyone and let's get this fucker passed.

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