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playing chess through a federated plattform.

for proof of concept and also for fun.

#hubzilla now also let's you play #chess
through it's plugin system the chess app got integrated, and through it's #openauth it's made shure that only the invited person can make a move.

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"so Heracles when off to fight the 4-headed Hydra; he chopped off its heads, but two more grew out for each one; he chopped those 8 off and 16 grew out, then 32, then 64, then 128, and then the Hydra died because it was using a uchar"

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Portland's top brass said it was OK to swipe your garbage--so we grabbed theirs

(submitted by kyleblarson)

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In Berlin gibt es ein Volksbegehren *für* mehr Videoüberwachung. Wenn das durchkommt, möchte ich dass die DDR nicht mehr als Unrechtsstaat bezeichnet werden darf und alle Stasi-Mitarbeiter rehabilitiert werden. War ja dann offensichtlich doch nicht so schlimm. #Überwachungskameras

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I have no intention of seeing The Last Jedi, because Star Wars is garbage. But there are people out there who love the movie because it's super progressive, and there are people who hate it because it's a knife in the back of progressives.

Both groups are being dumb. Disney's wokeness is the most performative of performative wokenesses. It is a marketing ploy to bring in those spicy millennial dollars. If they thought a pro-nazi stance would make them more money, it would be a pro-nazi movie.

If it brings you joy, think about, talk about, and argue about the movie. But never delude yourself into thinking the movie is important.

If you want to do something important, learn how to build a guillotine.

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Ob wir es nun Nazi, Neonazi, alte Rechte, neue Rechte, Wutbürger oder vielleicht sogar erzkonservativ nennen. Rechtsradikal bleibt rechtsradikal. Bleiben wir doch lieber bei einem Begriff, statt dieser Schönmalerei-Begriffe. Wer sich damit schmückt, darf auch damit betitelt werden.
Benennt rechtsradikal einfach als rechtsradikal. Danke.
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Game Critic Uses Brilliant Workaround for YouTube's Copyright Bullshit

(submitted by pavel_lishin)

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Believe it or not I had sort of prepared a neat little tootstorm on OoO and speculative execution when I realised that what is really needed is an analysis on what tradeoffs were chosen as opposed to yet another OoO description.

What seems to be missing from everything I have read are two points:

a) speculative execution and OoO go back a long time (IBM S/360 model 85),
b) they are essential for performance: you simply cannot get “the numbers” otherwise.

Some of you might be old enough to…

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'...For me, any defence of British is by implication a defence of white supremacy.

[....] The claim that colonial rule did good because it “developed” colonized societies (with proponents of this position often citing improvements in medicine and infrastructure) rests on the implicit counter-factual that without imperial intervention these societies would not have participated in modernity. The assumption here is that pre-colonial polities were stagnant, static and disconnected from wider historical changes. This is an assumption that work on pre-colonial histories have shown to be demonstrably false...'


„Seit Tagen wird über ein Problem diskutiert, das es nie gab: eine angebliche Explosion der Gewalt gegenüber Feuerwehr, Rettungskräfte und Polizisten in der Silvesternacht“


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Libcom: **Iran: Bread. Jobs. Freedom.**

"We are publishing this dispatch direct from an activist in Iran, trying to make some sense of the current wave of protests. The situation is moving so quickly, and the protests sufficiently diffuse, that anyone claiming to know what will happen can be disregarded. The contribution we can make is to ask questions, to look at what…"


#anarchism #bot

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cant wait to build my own computer which consists of like ten microcontroller chips, each of which contains one application (file manager, text editor, lynx-style browser, IRC client, media player etc.)

multitasking is accomplished by turning a 10-way selector knob which controls which chip is outputting to the screen at that moment

Anzeichen für geplante Auftragsmorde an kurdischen und türkischen Oppositionellen in Europa verdichten sich. Deutschland scheint davon besonders betroffen zu sein.