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So werden obdachlose Personen behandelt - erst das Hab & Gut in den Müll schmeißen & dann mit Sack über dem Kopf abführen.
Das ist #Berlin. Das ist #R2G. Das ist #Polizeigewalt. Das ist #Eigentum. 🤬

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Holy crap, I just found my new favorite Static Site Generator... easy peasy, lemon squeezy!


This is probably the easiest thing I have ever done... and it is written in bash so I can actually modify things and understand what I did wrong. :) That is a huge plus!

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Hey developers, just so you know, it is not that I'm "religiously opposed to using electron for any and all purposes".

It's just that my CPU is old and I'd like to be able to run more than 2 programs at once and if they're built on electron I probably won't be able to.


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"Neustadt schaltet Facebook-Seite ab" und .... "nutzt jetzt lieber WhatsApp".

Kannst dir nicht ausdenken, sowas.

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#Newpipe 0.14.2 can't play YouTube videos anymore. Downgrading to 0.14.1 seems to work for the moment. (Need to uninstall the latest version first.)

The problem is fixed upstream in version 0.15 which will be on fdroid in 1-2 days.

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Things that will never cease to infuriate me:

Museums and archives that do not allow free, non-commercial access to their digital archives.

We could live in an era of unimaginable access to vast cultural trasures...


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So I just got Rick Rolled in 2019, by a French man who sent me an unlabelled CD+G disk, on a 1993 Pioneer Laser Active, which I first had to replace over 100 capacitors on to get working.
This might be the most savage trolling I've ever experienced. tu es un bolos

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So, I recently decided to go through every #BBS on the Telnet BBS Guide site list.

My plan is to see which ones are still up and which ones aren't. Also document the BBSes themselves - as in, what games they run, if there's a community, what software you can download and if you can speak to the admin and lots of other things!

I would like to interview every admin I can, whether over IRC, email or whatever.

If you know where I can find more BBSes, or you run one, just reply to this msg!

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"Mastodon culture is good," say people on hour 14 of angrily dunking on a stranger. "It's healthy."

@calisti Meine Bank hat bis vor 3-5 jahren nur 5 zeichen zugelassen, mit der kontonummer als username. 😬​

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Whenever you watch any kind of commercial with a crying baby, just think that it's someone's job to make damn sure that baby cries.

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„FOCUS“ verbreitet(e) Lügen über die „Rote Hilfe“ Show more

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@tastytea ich dachte jetzt eigentlich, dass das kind damit sowieso in den brunnen gefallen ist - aber die wollen u.a. noch drei mal gebäudedaten abgleichen! o.O (quelle:

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check out this rootkit *shows you my plants*

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