I'm playing around with at the moment (federated video streaming), it's not that hard to set up, but not super simple either.

My instance: peertube.antifablitzkrieg.de/
I'll follow you if you follow me! 😀

@wxl Never heard of it until now. Looks like it is similar to peertube, but without bittorrent?

@tastytea yeah plus it's generalized for different kinds of media.

@cwebber is the developer. Maybe he can explain the difference with PeerTube.

@wxl The advantage of peertube I see is if one video becomes very popular it won't overload the hosting instance.

@tastytea hi, what's your hardware recommendet? in RAM/CPU?

@tunda I'm currently running this on an AMD Sempron singlecore processor with 1,5GHz and 1GiB RAM. That works quite well since I'm the only user. Peertube consumes ~75-100MiB of RAM idling.
If you plan to have more users, I'd recommend at least 4GiB and a faster processor with more cores. But I've not tested it, I'm making merely an educated guess.
Keep in mind that every uploaded video will be transcoded to different sizes, which will consume a lot of CPU cycles.

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