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Wer gern Austern ißt, wird zumindest auf einer Austernbank nicht verhungern.

Exvotos, Notre Dame de La Garde, Marseille

"28 Avril 2017

Je ne veux pas que la patrie de mon coeur devienne fasciste. C'est un boche qui vous parle.

Merci à la Vierge !"


What a beautiful day yesterday. Doing researches in Marseille urbanism. Walking around in Estaque, fishing/industrial village, raw exploited landscape mixed up with the beauty of Mediterranee.

I came to a bridge, enchanted by crazy railway-architecture and small, box-like houses in chaos. Sun came out, I took pictures - reflex of man in front of beauty.

Found an info-sign, read that Georges Braques invented cubism there. Researches about former Marseille slums lead to Braques.

"Ne nous cultivez plus, on s'en charge." Estaque, Marseille

Under this bridge in Estaque / Marseille Georges Braque invented cubism. What else ?

(Georges Braque, "Le Viaduc à L' Estaque", 1908)

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