This is a very boring photo. But i simply love how the evening sun colors the wave splash. (Malmousque, Marseille)

Diary of a viaduct-obsession (1): Vallon des Auffes, Marseille

Social housing of the 70ies has a bad reputation. But look at these two modern buildings in the bay of "Vallon des Auffes", a traditional fishermen's spot in Marseille. Don't they fit perfectly in the urban landscape?

Looking at my photo gallery, seems like i'm obsessed with viaducts (Viaduc de l'Estaque, Marseille)

They were very good in streetlights in GDR (Bodemuseum, Berlin)

Bon, les amis, je commence à préparer l'apéro. 20 heures, chez moi, au Louvre. Vous me décevez pas, hein ?

Wow! Sending text-messages on a very small device. I absolutely need that!

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