Wow! Sending text-messages on a very small device. I absolutely need that!

@stephanmaus I dreamed to have one when I was a child! Then on my first job I got one to get woken up in the night when things went wrong…

@href "tam-tam." Didn't know the french word. Left France before it was invented.

@stephanmaus yes tamtam! :D

Also the Minitel! A very funny story. At one point they tried to conquer the US business with chartooms and some geeks.

@stephanmaus Iliad (Xavier Niel, Free, Free Mobile,, École 42, …) started with sex on the minitel

@href Sex and Military: That's what's pushing technical progress.

@stephanmaus we used to use them for messsages to pirate radio stations in UK until SMS was available.

Pagers are still used on smaller scale, I set a pager transmitter up at my work for the nurse calls and (as I had got the Communications Ministry license for building/testing these systems) also built a mini transmitter using an Arduino and SI chip :

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