@solidarea what do you think about radical childcare?



i think if we are serious about building lasting movements we can't ignore it's importance. theres been recent influx of rad coloring/childrens books and that's great but we need to integrate those materials into comprehensive practices for radicalizing youth. kids internalize capitalistic values/behaviors faster than you might expect and if we don't interrupt it early and effectively then we're only creating more organizing and political education work down the line.

@solidarea all sounds legit to me. I remember being a kid in the 90’s and getting into huge fights with my lefty father because I wanted the right brands displayed on my clothes and he was trying to figure out if there were any sneakers still made in the US.


word. very relatable. my Marxist dad also didn't understand my pre-teen obsession with owning all the correctly logo'd gear.

even toddlers get caught up in "that's mine," "they're ugly," "i need this now," etc.

@solidarea yeah. I have a toddler. They a lil learning machines, and the world is full of awful lessons.


but im sure you are full of wonderful lessons that tip the balance :blobcheer:

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