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I haven't tooted because I've been so busy setting up my classroom and teaching the first few weeks.

My students came up with this
1) We are a community
2) We stay woke
3) We are beautiful, intelligent and powerful without apology

Pls dispense dopamine by faving and retooting. Every fav helps!

Today had someone at a workshop ask if poverty was a problem in urban education than why did Ben Carson come out of a single-parent household below the poverty line in Detroit and I couldn't hold my juice down

Just so you all know, I will be bravely posting about wildflowers tomorrow even if you are all still talking about vape ape or whatever the fucking next thing is

*me as a history teacher*

Today we’ll be talking about the Great Depression, or as I like to call it... the “Big Mood.”

I've got an insane amount of people's history posters and amazing student-led projects to put on my walls this year and I'm honestly excited for the school year to start so I can share with y'all how the space turns out

help my toddler son keeps saying "creme of the meme" in a french accent and im losing my shit

yeah, i changed my name cause I'm drinking beer and reading irish history.

so what. fight me.

You seem to appreciate the finer points of comedy. Do you enjoy parodies?

How about a parodies nuts right in your mouf!

"Til death do us part" - mastodon's (hopefully never) gravesite

me out loud to my phone: yes fetch more toots

i think of the best, funniest masto posts when im in bed, but when i wake up, all i can think up is "what if keanu reeves has a fucked up ass"

boost this toot if u arent straight. this is for science

Listen, I leave this hypertoot for two days and I'm back to square one. What are y'all even talking about 💙

mastodon memes move fast, so you must follow this tip:

if you see a meme you like, but you don't know what it means, the best practice is to say "fuck it" and do a post about the meme anyway, because we already like you so much, and the meme never made sense in the first place!

I know there are quote a few toot-versations I haven't gotten to responding to yet. I will as soon as I'm @ work

Bam. Take that capitalism

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