@keverets Mostly with nothing :-) I use a paper calendar and I don't sync my address books. I wrote a blog post about it a few weeks ago: sjoberg.fi/blog/simplify.html

I just shut down the last thing I was self-hosting: "Gandalf" - my trusty home server running in our living room book shelf. Over the years it has hosted, among other things, my personal web page, my OwnCloud/nextCloud and last my pump.io server. It was a Mac mini (from my old freedom-hating days 😉​) running Debian GNU/Linux.

Congratulations on your 25th birthday: bits.debian.org/2018/08/debian - Debian has been my operating system of choice for quite some years now. Thanks for all the great work!

It's now two months since I deleted my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I can't say that I've missed them so far. Mostly it's a sense of relief that I don't have to think about if I should check my feed or not. On one occasion a friend wanted to tag me on a photo in Facebook and complained that it wasn't possible. I was quite happy with not being tagged ☺

@rgggn Yes, that's what I've been running for some time now: Fairphone Open OS + F-droid, and I'm pretty happy with it. As for the modularity, I've already upgraded the camera and replaced the screen (because I broke the old by dropping it on the floor one time too many...). Replacing modules was really easy :-)

@bob @liw Yes, I have an ebook reader. And these days I try to get books as ebooks if possible (and DRM-free), especially if I think I will only read it once. I still somehow prefer real paper, though ... maybe I'm just old fashioned :-)

@liw I agree, and I've been getting rid of a lot of stuff lately. I still have a lot left, though. Some of it that I've collected over the years, and much of it inherited from my dad. It's just a long process for me, especially with books... also I somehow really prefer reading physical books over ebooks, I don't know why.

I just pruned our bookshelf and removed around 80 books. Duplicate books and books that I won't ever read. We're taking them to the local Reuse Centre. I estimate that we still have more than 900 books left, so I've still got stuff to read 🙂

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@theru Nice, yes I guess you would need that for the static password anyway?

@theru But it doesn't have a button like the 4 does. I guess you need that for the static password (?).

@theru I guess the YubiKey 4 would be the best one. Nano looks too small, I would lose it :-)

@theru So which one would you recommend for gpg stuff? And possibly a static password (for my password manager). And should work well with Linux :-)

@theru Last time I checked "Buster" was set for mid-2019, so only one year. But you never know for sure with Debian :-)

@theru For gpg it would be pretty nice. I used to use a "smart card", but I gave it up as it was quite inconvenient. It required a separate reader which also had to be carried around...

Apparently @aral recently switched to GNU Linux, that's awesome :-) ar.al/2018/07/16/changes/

@theru Thanks! I seemed to remember there was a newer fork. I'll switch to it as soon as it's packaged in Debian stable ;-) (Seems to be in testing: packages.debian.org/search?key )

@theru Hmm, that sounds pretty useful :-) How do they work? Do they require any cloud service, or are they completely hardware based?

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