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Congratulations to Debian on their exciting new Debian 10 "buster" release! Go get it while it's hot and enjoy some GNOME 3.30 goodness πŸ‘

@whirli That's a bit too expensive for me, or for my purpose (just to read every now and then).

I've been thinking about getting a cheap tablet for reading on, but it seems to be pretty hard to find one here that works with LineageOS or similar custom ROMs (I need something reasonably FOSSy and without Google's spying bits). I miss my old Nexus 7, unfortunately it doesn't work any more.

@Maltimore @thomas_rader @switchingsocial I've tried some others available in F-droid, but always moved back to K-9 for one reason or another. It's not super elegant, but it has worked solidly for me when I've needed email on my phone. (I don't currently use email on the phone at all.)

I always use Firefox for web browsing and Emacs for text editing and programming. My other application usage seems to periodically switch between three states:

1. everything in the terminal as that's fast and effective (mutt, newsboat, etc)
2. everything in Emacs for the superior integration (mu4e, elfeed, etc)
3. use GUI apps (Geary, Liferea, etc) as they are typically easy to setup, and I need to use what normal people would use in order to promote FOSS usage (and help to improve those tools that normal people would use)

I'm currently in the process of moving from state 2 to state 3. I expect to rotate back to state 1 again sooner or later πŸ™‚

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#FOSS apps that need push notifications get problems: Google wants to force all apps on #Android to use its proprietary service Firebase for push notifications.
That's why we need F-Droid and/or #Linux based smartphone OS without Google. #UBports

@conservancy @o0karen0o Oh, wow. I had completely missed that you were doing shows again. I dropped the podcast at some point when there had been a really really long hiatus... I'm glad you're back! πŸ™‚

@marcus @fsfe @datenteiler @rgggn They definitely have some good campaigns. But of course the structure of the organisation is also important, for example how decisions are made etc. But definitely we also have to keep the goal in mind and not get bogged down by destructive in-fighting.

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One of the many absurdities of capitalism in our technologically advanced world: I have to borrow an eBook from the library and return it so others can borrow it

What are people's feelings about the (Free Software Foundation Europe) these days? There was some controversy when they canceled the Fellowship in 2017 (?), but I haven't really followed the debate or been able to form my own opinion.

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Dystopia is a white people word that means β€œwhat if all that shit happened TO US?!?”

@marcus I've tried many distros but I usually go back to Debian after a while. At my new job we're using RedHat and CentOS (actually the reason why I tried Fedora for a while this time).

@marcus Possibly, although I've noticed I've become more conservative (regarding technology) with age. I'm usually pretty happy with stable :-)

@charlag Yeah, I guess it's a wide spectrum with Debian stable in one end, and what, Arch or something in the other? :-)

@desikn I've also been on Debian for a long time. I just had a short stint with Fedora now, though, mostly to try out the rpm-ecosystem for my new job.

I'm back on Debian, after trying out Fedora for a few months. Nothing wrong with Fedora, but I prefer a bit less bleeding edge :-) I did go for Debian Buster, though, which is still in testing for a few months.

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I just donated to Software Freedom Conservancy, a not-for-profit home to many of the most admirable Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) projects in this planet. Today is a good day to donate if you have not done so. Let us help the home base do work to help the software which help us do our work.

@clacke To be honest I don't remember exactly, but I was a member at one point and helped @marxistvegan with some admin duties. It's possible I was the first user of the GNU Social instance, Stephen might remember better :-)

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