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We at @fsfe are looking for a project manager to support our work to empower people to control technology.

Help us manage and organise larger @fsfe events in the legal, economic, social or political field & support our volunteers


@z428 I guess that's basically what the Freedombox project wanted (or still wants) to do. Although, your second option - some kind of cooperative host sharing might be more realistic short-term. But how to make sure it doesn't become too centralised, and another control point?

@z428 Regarding infrastructure, it varied. I had a virtual server at gandi, but also hosted some things on my own machine out of my living room. I never hosted my email, though :-) Just web server, Nextcloud, and such.

@z428 Yes, and in general we need to build solutions that are usable for all, not just those that have the technical skills to host it themselves.

@bn4t Yeah, I also liked the idea itself - but I haven't actually had any real use of it personally to be honest. Sadly, the same could be said of GPG itself these days, with the exception of Debian-stuff.

@notclacke @liw I looked it up, actually they call themselves "Reuse Centre" in English, probably to avoid exactly this confusion:

@z428 Yes, that's a good point. That's probably what most people mean by simplifying things... For me it wasn't an option, which is why is was self-hosting a lot of things before.

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Looking at how much good shit the awesome people at @Framasoft #framasoft have achieved to push out for others enjoyment inspires me. I would love to be part of something similar back here in the Siberia of Europe, #Finland.

I wrote another blog post about not using Google, syncing, (most) apps, etc. "Simplifying my digital life":

@alienghic Yeah, I agree. Switching servers (even within the same system) has always been a huge mess.

@mnd No problem! I was mostly doing it for my own use, glad others liked it too :-)

@alienghic Hello! Thanks, I was just thinking I should try to find people I followed on over here :-)

@cwebber Glad to hear it had a positive impact! :-) may or may not live on, but it was perhaps a necessary first step for ActivityPub to happen, which hopefully *is* the future of social networking.

I'm shutting down my server and stopping Pumpa development:

@liw OK, I will definitely try the recycling centre then. I don't care about getting money for them (probably not worth the trouble). Thanks!

First part of my summer vacation started (it's split in two parts this year). Project 1 is to continue the attic cleanup from last summer. I'm mostly done, but still wondering what to do with all my old music CDs. I haven't looked at them for years (everything digitized a long time ago). Yet it still feels bad to throw them away. I wonder if someone still wants them (e.g., library or second-hand stores?).

@theru I guess it would fit quite well with Christmas or Easter, but I like strong dark any time of the year :-)