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@Olm_e That would definitely be cool. I guess English is the only alternative these days, as that's the most widely known language...

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This is an important article. Chollet is the author of the Keras deep learning library, now at Google research. "What worries me about AI" -

@ted @n8 I have the same approach. I've usually run into trouble trying to sync configs for GUI apps for example. I just keep bash, emacs and mutt configs in git.

My 2 year old son woke me up this morning at 7 AM by excitedly explaining something about garbage trucks 2 cm's from my face. It was a good morning :-)

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Our 2-year old learned to say "Cthulhu" today. I'm a proud father :-)

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All should move to Signal | Telegram loses Supreme Court appeal in Russia, must hand over encryption keys via @benlovejoy

I just switched to using Signal only on my phone instead of Telegram. This was mostly up getting friends and relatives to switch as well 🙂 For those like me not using Google services, there's a special version for that:

@HerraBRE I guess I didn't either. I just joined one because a friend was there. Mostly for testing... and now I ended up using it "for real". So far I've been happy with the instance I'm using, though :-) But you're right it's an issue. It's also the first threshold for new users to have to pick an instance, and it feels like a big decision.

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Confession: I have never given much thought to Mastodon instances.

Too lazy! It felt like information overload, where the signal/noise ratio wasn't that great. IMO the Federation's reliance on people intelligently choosing instances is actually a significant usability problem.

I just signed up for an instance I'd seen someone else in my Twitter network using.

And now that I know a bit better, I just hope the federation works and I can connect with people wherever they are...

@samtoland I used this some time ago: - uses 100% FOSS, hosted in Switzerland. I'm not sure it supports other iCal feeds, though. You should check that.

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I'll select one person for #followfriday: @mairin

Máirín is a free software advocate and a person pushing for making free software to be beautiful and usable. She's inspired a lot of my work on where I think FOSS needs to go in order to be used by real humans.

Her work on teaching digital illustration with Inkscape to girl scouts quite a few years ago also is one of the things that inspired @mlemweb and I's recent workshops on Racket and Scribble!

@mray Yep, that's usually my reaction as well 😞

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"I've never felt less in control of my own hardware"

Reminds of something I believe Tim Wu said, about how it feels like today's computing devices are "half for us, and half against us."

I'm reading "Deep Learning with Python", so far liking it a lot. - it explains how to get started with Deep Learning using the Keras library, and with just the bare minimum of theory needed :-)

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I studied urban planning in San Francisco, and I just gotta say, the answer to our urban transportation problems is not self driving cars or 'ridesharing' taxis, all of those things are the way that established tech cos attempts to replace and commodify public services. The real answer is less car traffic, more (and more accessible) busses and trains, and shared public transport priority streets with bike and ped priority streets too. And affordable tickets + paid operators of vehicles.

I'm pretty happy about my Fairphone :-) "Fairphone is now the first phone manufacturer that offers a phone and an operating system that supports auto-updating [F-droid]"

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@datatitian @dzuk @jbond @rysiek @alcinnz @aral Well, we also have to be careful to not "depend" on major corporate adoption as a sign of success. For a while, that appeared to be a win for XMPP, but I think nobody is saying that today...

@mmn Today we got our first proper snow! Yay :-) We had some earlier that melted away within 24 hours, but this should stay a bit longer hopefully :-)