I've been attending the MyData 2017 conference (and involved in organising the academic part). This session today was pretty interesting: "Building Blocks of the Decentralised World" Tomorrow I will attend this one "Self Sovereign Identity"

@cwebber Oh, cool! I need to check that out. BTW, do you happen to know Markus Sabadello, who was also presenting in that session?

@sazius I don't, but maybe they'll be at Rebooting Web of Trust?

@cwebber It's very possible. I'll ask him tomorrow (last day of conference tomorrow).

@cwebber He's one of the main guys behind XDI and we've been collaborating on an application of that (an academic project) and self-sovereign identities.

@cwebber I loved your ActivityPub + DID's paper! Would be cool to implement :-) I talked with Markus, but he wasn't sure about RWOT due to some scheduling issues.

@sazius How was the talk on DIDs and etc? Learn anything cool?

@cwebber There were actually two talks on DIDs. Both great, but not that much new stuff for me. Main thing to solve is the ledger. The Evernym people were promoting Sovrin/Indy which has a permissioned public ledger. The research project I'm going to be in is also quite focused on using Sovrin.

@sazius I'm still a bit unsure if distributed ledgers are a better fit than distributed hash tables for this, but DIDs could be a wrapper for either, so...

@sazius Upload a photo, I have not seen you in a long time Isn't my graphical avatar good enough? :-) There is a relatively recent photo on my academic/"professional" web page:

You still look like a nice man, with a malicious point, that I remembered I see that you keep your commitment to a free internet. Congratulations! Thanks, although I don't know what you mean by malicious point :-)

@sazius I don't know what you mean by malicious point

A face as of a bad kid I choose to take that as a compliment :-)

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