What are people's feelings about the (Free Software Foundation Europe) these days? There was some controversy when they canceled the Fellowship in 2017 (?), but I haven't really followed the debate or been able to form my own opinion.

@sazius I haven't really followed the Fellowship controversy.
I am mostly satisfied with them for campaigns like public money public code.
On the other hand, I wish there were more like the FSF, e.g. that they would provide more support to free software projects for example by providing infrastructure.

@rgggn @sazius
Some people are dissatisfied with the @fsfe and their structures. They want to rally the rebels, malcontents and mavericks of the FSFE community. For me the goals are unclear, but it looks like destruction.😟

I support the FSFE e.g. for campaigns like "Public Money ➡️ Public Code" or "Free Your Android" and I hope we'll see more such campaigns in the near future.😇

@datenteiler @rgggn @sazius @fsfe some people is mainly Daniel which has tried similar things in other communities as well.

@marcus @fsfe @datenteiler @rgggn They definitely have some good campaigns. But of course the structure of the organisation is also important, for example how decisions are made etc. But definitely we also have to keep the goal in mind and not get bogged down by destructive in-fighting.

@sazius @fsfe @datenteiler @rgggn the main point is about dropping the Fellows term, which was a management decision. You can argue about the point if this should have been an open community approach, but in the end it's just about a marketing term. The community within the FSFE is still active as always.

@sazius I quit. Neither the cancellation, nor the handling of the following controversy was a pleasant experience.

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