I'm back on Debian, after trying out Fedora for a few months. Nothing wrong with Fedora, but I prefer a bit less bleeding edge :-) I did go for Debian Buster, though, which is still in testing for a few months.

@sazius Yeah, been running Debian since forever. Never saw a reason to switch to another distro, it's that good. 💪

@desikn I've also been on Debian for a long time. I just had a short stint with Fedora now, though, mostly to try out the rpm-ecosystem for my new job.

@sazius oh, Fedora is not blessing edge at all IMO but that's subjective ofc

@charlag Yeah, I guess it's a wide spectrum with Debian stable in one end, and what, Arch or something in the other? :-)

@sazius possibly you might get bored when it's getting stable ;)

@marcus Possibly, although I've noticed I've become more conservative (regarding technology) with age. I'm usually pretty happy with stable :-)

@sazius I am using #Slackware since 1994 and never regretted anything. On the work we have Debian.

@marcus I've tried many distros but I usually go back to Debian after a while. At my new job we're using RedHat and CentOS (actually the reason why I tried Fedora for a while this time).

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