I just pruned our bookshelf and removed around 80 books. Duplicate books and books that I won't ever read. We're taking them to the local Reuse Centre. I estimate that we still have more than 900 books left, so I've still got stuff to read 🙂

@sazius Ten year ago, I had about 32 shelf-meters of books. We were going to move abroad, so I got rid of about half ("everything excpet the really good ones"), and put the rest into storage. Five years ago we moved back and I got my precious books from storage. They didn't feel all that precious anymore, as physical objects. I've since gotten rid of all the remaining ones. I now have zero physical books.

@liw @sazius I also did something similar. ebook readers are a lot more convenient, especially if you are likely to move every few years.

@bob @liw Yes, I have an ebook reader. And these days I try to get books as ebooks if possible (and DRM-free), especially if I think I will only read it once. I still somehow prefer real paper, though ... maybe I'm just old fashioned :-)

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