I just pruned our bookshelf and removed around 80 books. Duplicate books and books that I won't ever read. We're taking them to the local Reuse Centre. I estimate that we still have more than 900 books left, so I've still got stuff to read πŸ™‚

@sazius Ten year ago, I had about 32 shelf-meters of books. We were going to move abroad, so I got rid of about half ("everything excpet the really good ones"), and put the rest into storage. Five years ago we moved back and I got my precious books from storage. They didn't feel all that precious anymore, as physical objects. I've since gotten rid of all the remaining ones. I now have zero physical books.


I have lots of books in digital form, though. Books are important, but it's not the physical object that matters to me.

My life is better by not having so much stuff.

@liw I agree, and I've been getting rid of a lot of stuff lately. I still have a lot left, though. Some of it that I've collected over the years, and much of it inherited from my dad. It's just a long process for me, especially with books... also I somehow really prefer reading physical books over ebooks, I don't know why.

@liw @sazius I also did something similar. ebook readers are a lot more convenient, especially if you are likely to move every few years.

@bob @liw Yes, I have an ebook reader. And these days I try to get books as ebooks if possible (and DRM-free), especially if I think I will only read it once. I still somehow prefer real paper, though ... maybe I'm just old fashioned :-)

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