I wrote another blog post about not using Google, syncing, (most) apps, etc. "Simplifying my digital life": sjoberg.fi/blog/simplify.html

@sazius Enjoyed the write-up. And still felt like adding a smiling "good for you", because I just heard that "simplifying my digital life" a few days ago from a coworker of mine when he ditched most of the tools he was currently using on his smartphone and laptop and went all-Google for virtually *everything* they offer from mail to photos. More integration, way less things to waste time and energy on (unless your data doesn't matter much to you...). 😉

@z428 Yes, that's a good point. That's probably what most people mean by simplifying things... For me it wasn't an option, which is why is was self-hosting a lot of things before.

@sazius ... I manage to do in an economically feasible way so I feel making use of other services feels much akin to buying products I don't want to build myself in other aspects of life (cars, bicycles, ...). How much of your infrastructure were you hosting yourself? Bare metal? Internet connectivity? Backup? Just curious. :)


@z428 Yes, and in general we need to build solutions that are usable for all, not just those that have the technical skills to host it themselves.

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